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Just before Christmas, Father Christmas roared all round East Winch in the dark, on an ancient tractor. Reindeer needed servicing? Sweets were distributed, and the dark was brightened by fun for everyone.

’Twas the night before Christmas

’Twas the night before Christmas we dashed into town.

My sacks were all empty because of lockdown.

A free parking space could nowhere be seen -

We eventually lit on a nice bit of green.

Dasher galloped me fast to the nearest toyshop -

They were just about shutting and caught on the hop.

We cleared all the shelves with might and main

And with ‘Merry Christmas!’ careered off again.

Where next? There’s a bookshop just to the right;

Children’s books! Now what a wonderful sight!

We carted them off and pushed on through the crowd,

Buying all we were able while time still allowed.

But back at the green, how our spirits were damped -

Some beastly old warden had got the sleigh clamped!

Rudolph said he’d explained, but the old man was barmy.

Fancy a fellow who couldn’t understand Sami!

We were well over time and had to get back,

But Prancer was having a panic attack!

While I was soothing her, had an idea -

Since the sleigh had no wheels, we could swiftly get clear!

We flew into the air, just a bit lopsidedly,

The weight of the clamp made it awkward, decidedly.

Now for the chimneys - hard to find nowadays

As householders use ecological ways

Of heat, leaving hearths for the old and romantic.

I tried a letterbox once - and it drove me frantic!

Throughout the long night, we stopped on each roof,

Noisier than usual - this is the truth -

The clamp banged down hard wherever we landed,

But at least the babes didn’t wake empty handed.

Exhausted, I dreamed of a lovely long sleep,

With an extra thick eiderdown below which to creep,

And reached for the aspirins: my headache was vast,

When Comet yelled out, “It’s the last house we’ve passed!”

At my sleepy command up the reindeer did bound,

Sprinkling asp’rins wide in the heavens around,

And I remembered to shout as we drove out of sight,

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Proposed Wellness Resort.

All relevant information about this project may be found here

It has been provided to allow people in need at East Winch & West Bilney to help themselves from what may be found at the Bus Stop.

If you are able to drop off donations please do so.

See their website here

The Facebook page is here


All Meetings have been suspended until further notice. SEE MORE ABOUT THIS HERE

The food collection and drop off point at the bus stop on the A47 had been introduced by the Angels of King's Lynn.

See Coronavirus information here -

includes links to Borough Council, NHS and Government web sites offering advice.

Angels of King's Lynn.


Guidance on how to use the machine are displayed on it.

The machine is safe to use & makes a diagnosis as to whether or not it is necessary to 'shock' a patient.

Note that if a patient is conscious, breathing, talking, the defribrillator is not required. Its purpose is to re-start a heart that has stopped beating. If you are unable to discern a heartbeat then use the machine.

HOWEVER, even if you get it wrong, because the machine makes the diagnosis,

you cannot cause harm to a patient when using it.





A heart defribrillator has been installed at the Village Hall.

It is mounted on the end wall of the Hall - facing the road.

The yellow box is clearly visible and the defribrillator is available to use as necessary.

COMMUNITY TRANSPORT - See up to date information here


Note that on the 1 December 2018 the following Public Spaces Protection Order came into force.

The Public Spaces Protection Order (Control of Dogs) - (Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk) 2018

The effect is that dogs are banned from the Playground at Town Close - throughout the year See more about this here



Highways England have asked for the views of the Parish Council on having a controlled or uncontrolled crossing on the A47 and where it should be located. look here

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