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During 2017 and 2018 the Parish News (Middleton, North Runcton & East Winch), month by month, published eulogies to those who died in action during the First World War, 1914 – 1918.

These were published as near as possible to the date on which each died. In the June/July issue the magazine carried tributes to George and John Dix, both of whom fought, and died, in the war.

The Tributes to George and John were seen by Philip Robinson of Fair Green. He recognised them as being his Great Uncles. He had some records of the family and he has since been kind enough to share them.

The following is therefore compiled from the information made available by Philip Robinson.

Philip's connection with the Dix family is his maternal Grandfather, Charles Herbert Dix. Charles' third child was Doris Catherine Dix who married Percy Douglas Robinson in 1945. Philip is their third child. (See photograph at foot of this page)

The Dix Family

A family tree traces back to the birth of Christopher Dix in 1749. He married Sarah Winn (1747 – 1821). They had nine children born between 1772 & 1789

Tha Family Tree referred to may be seen here Dix Family Tree.

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The tree as shown goes forward from Robert Dix (1782 – 1861) who married Martha Langley (1790 – 1861). Eight children came from this marriage – born between 1814 and 1833.

Robert (1821 – 1905) married Ann Fox (1821 – 1874) from which 8 children ensued. Robert later married, secondly, Susannah Moody.

The sixth of Robert and Ann’s children was William (1849 – 1937). He was baptised at East Winch on 22 September 1850.

William married Susannah Last at East Winch on 18th. January 1873. See a copy of the Marriage certificate. Living in a farm cottage at West Bilney, near what is now a nursery, they later moved to Dersingham.

The picture is of a 'Sampler' sewn by Susannah. She would have made this whilst a young girl to show her needlework skills.

The sampler shows her name and date of birth - 2 February 1852.

William and Susannah had nine children between 1874 and 1898.Of these, John Robert was born in 1889. He was baptised at East Winch in 1890 and died in action in the Great War in on 17 July1917 aged 18 years. See here

George was born on July 18th. 1898 and baptised at East Winch on August 28th of that year. See copy of Baptism certificate.

Both John and George Dix are commemorated on the War Memorial at St. Cecilia church at West Bilney. See here

George, like his brother, died in battle, in Egypt, on 27 April 1917. See here.

Alice Dix (1887 – 1978) married Herbert Henry Ash at St. Cecilia – West Bilney – on April 5th.

1915. See the Marriage certificate.

Below see a photograph of Alice Ash in her younger days.

With her is her Sister-in-law Alice who had married Alfred Dix.

Alfred lived at East Winch and met Alice whilst he was visiting his sister. There were married at St Nicholas Church at Dersingham.

There is a photograph of them at Hunstanton, on the Prom; two other ladies with them are not known. The date of the photograph is not known, but it is probably 1950/1960.

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Charles and Martha Dix are Philip Robinson's Maternal grandparents.


This photograph shows another son of William and Susannah - Charles Herbert Dix with his wife Martha Ellen (nee Porter) and their baby.

The photograph is on a Postcard sent by Charles and Martha Ellen. at Christmas, to Annie (Hannah Marie) and her husband Harry Hall wishing them 'a very happy Christmas'.

The photograph above shows

Alice Ash (nee Dix) with Herbert.