Wellness Resort

Wellness Resort

Update - December 2020.

Planning Application.

See details of the planning application on the Borough Council website - here

Follow this link to see two e-mail messages - the first from Leziate Parish Council to Alpaca Communications reference the proposed Wellness Centre at Ashwicken. The second Alpaca's reply to the Parish Council.

See also a copy of the letter that has recently been sent to residents of the village from Alpaca Communications.

This letter invites you to attend a consultation at the proposed site on 17th. December. See the letter here

Note that due to the Covid-19 regulations you must register with them if you wish to attend. The details of how to do this are shown in the letter.


Proposed Wellness Resort.

2 September 2020 Update

Proposed Eco Wellness Resort

Ashwicken Lake


Dear Neighbour

You should have now received a brochure from the developer regarding the proposed Eco Wellness Resort for Ashwicken Lake. The developer has arranged a public presentation (webinar) for the residents of Ashwicken, East Winch and Leziate to be held on Thursday 3rd September from 5pm til 7pm. To access the webinar you must register on their website at www.wickenwater.com and click "consultation" to enter your details. The developer then has your contact details !

After the presentation there will be a Q&A session for residents to ask questions on the proposal, there is also a feedback form on their colour brochure. Please, please, please be mindful than any comments, objections or information gained by the developer from residents could be used to their advantage and aid their planning application so caution is recommended when responding.


Residents have formed an Action Group to protect Ashwicken Lake from development and preserve the wildlife habitat that we all enjoy. Please visitwww.ashwickenlake.com


Due to the significant scale of the proposal that will affect East Winch and Ashwicken forever, a resident's forum has been started to share information and gain support opposing this development. Zoom meetings will be hosted by Jim McGarrick, j.d.mcgarrick@gmail.com

lnvitations will be by email link so please register your interest.


All residents are encouraged to voice their opinion on this development to their local Parish Council, Borough Councillor and MP.





This flyer has been produced by the residents for the residents.


21 August 2020. Update.

From Leziate Parish Council.

"Further to our last update, Alpaca Communications have gone ahead and set up an online meeting on the 3rd of September and are sending out a brochure to all parishioners. The website is https://wickenwater.com/.

Naturally the Parish Council are disappointed that this has been set up before we could hold our Public Meeting but please send through your comments as per the form on their website and attend the online meeting if possible."

Proposed Wellness Resort

East Winch Parishoners may address any comments about this development to the Parish Council - e-mail only please.

The clerk - bob.pannell1@btopenworld.com

Proposed development around the lake on the Ashwicken road.

The following is an extract from a 'scoping' document for a proposed development between East Winch and Ashwicken.

Description of Proposed Development

The Wellness Resort would comprise an e€co-leisure facility development including c 125-150 floating and land holiday lodges, a clubhouse on the water and associated boat house, and c. 50 treehouses accommodation, together with related ancillary development including access roads, car parking, outside recreational facilities, renewable and low carbon energy generating facilities and landscaping.

(The entrance to the site would be on the Ashwicken Road)

Located within the administrative jurisdicticn of the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk. the site is a restored former gravel extraction workings located between the villages of Ashwicken. Leziate and East Winch. The Site is located some 9.6 Km east of King's Lynn which is well connected by road to the south via the A10 to Ely and Cambridge {M11}, to the east to Norwich via the A47 and to the East Midlands via the A17.

The nearest postcode is PE32 1LZ 1LZ.- and the National Grid Referenee of the approximate centre of the site is 569330E, 317715N. A Site Location plan is shown below.

(The following is a copy of a recent flyer produced by residents of Ashwicken.We have copied it here for reference as may be required. Note that it does not imply that we support the project or the residents Action Group).

Links to relevant sites.

Dedicated public consultation website: www.wickenwater.com

Having your say: email - feedback@alpacacommunications.com

Returning a feedback form: email -


Parish Council - Clerk's note

Wellness Resort.

It is a very large Centre Parc like development on the Ashwicken Lake site amounting to something like accommodation for some 700 visitors at a time. We will work with the Ashwicken PC and I have asked East Winch PC for their views, as it effects East Winch because the planned entrance is on the Ashwicken Road.