Village Vignette

On the following pages you will find vignettes of the village, and of people who have been part of the village life. Some are long since departed, some are still with us.

More personal stories are in preparation and will be posted here as they become available.

If you have something of interest that might be published, please do contact us and let us know about it. It may be possible to include it here.

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Aircraft Crash at East Winch

Ann Dye (nee Melton)

Arson at West Bilney

Billy Arter

Bilney Maps - Old - Large scale

Bob Mann

Boyhood at West Bilney - Viscount Allenby

Cricket Club & Cragg Cup

Diana Barrett - Bridal Hassock

Dix Family

Durrant Family

In the Papers....

In the Papers too..

Killed by an armoured car - John Curl

Elizabeth Freke

Miss Dagmar Smith

Fred Gould

Growing Up in West Bilney - Kevin Wilson

Ivy Bass

Lydia Underwood

Miss Barnard & Miss Woodham

The Brasnett family

The Curls of West Bilney

The End of Rationing - WWII

Sir Osbert Lancaster

Sports Club - 1920s

The King of the Norfolk Poachers (Frederick Rolfe)

Tuffy remembers (Pauline Peters nee Warburton) recalls her childhood.

Wally and Steve Stanforth

Walter Dexter - Painter

The School

School Memories - Rosemary Smith (nee Plain)

The Sutton Family