Miscellaneous News Items

September 2021

Thanks to George and Elsie.

George Brown started distributing the parish magazines round East Winch in 2014, and Elsie joined him the following year when she left work. They’d collect the magazines from Middleton, sorting them into 16 bundles, which they took to the people who delivered door-to-door. For most of that time, they had the Gayton magazine to give out as well as the Middleton one, so every month was delivery month, whereas now it’s only 6 times a year. I never heard any grumbles from them! They have finally retired, and Gerald Kendall has kindly agreed to take thejob over. Many, many thanks to both of you, George and Elsie!

But we still need another door-to-door distributor....Someone is needed to deliver magazines 6 times a year up the A47 from the big houses Neufchatel and Hall Farm House to Church Lane - the first group of houses there, plus Holland House, the Old Maid’s Head and Burman Mews on the other side of the A47.

Enquiries to Nell Steele, 840814.

East Winch Parish Council meeting 6th September 2021. The meeting was attended by both Mr de Whalley, Borough Councillor and Mr Moriarty, County Councillor .A complaint was made about the state of the right of way from East Winch to Middleton Towers and the inertia of NCC, which is responsible for ensuring that landowners maintain public footpaths to a good standard. The complainant also suggested that the Parish Council thanks Mr R Wilson for opening a pathway to the public during lockdown, to the benefit of many in the village. Cllr Moriarty and the Parish Council will contact NCC.

Cllr Moriarty and Nell Steele reported on the recent Sibelco liaison meeting. Cllr Moriarty said he’d be pressing the company to find out what they do for the community, which he thinks they have largely ignored. The planning application for the extension of the Grandcourt Farm site(min 40), made in 2018, should finally be considered by NCC in November. Cllr Moriarty confirmed that food bins were being emptied again and furthermore, that there is aprize for a lucky food bin user!

The Borough Council (Amanda Driver) is making CIL grants of up to £10,000 for community projects, including play areas and drainage. There’s also a Community Grant Scheme of up to£2000 per year. It was thought likely that applications for either grant could be made by local societies and didn’t necessarily come via the Parish Council.

A planning application along the main road in West Bilney was discussed, relating to drainage. The Parish Council will ask the Planning Dept to look into that aspect of the application. The Council are still anxious to get a trod up to Ashwicken Rd, but it will cost £45,000. However,we can apply for the CIL grant; Cllr Moriarty said it was a priority and he would give the money available to him, and if NCC Partnership Plan operates, which we won’t know for until thewinter, we may get help from that too. So we are hopeful!

The next Parish Council meeting will take place at 7.30 on Monday, 1st November.

Update. 15 July 2021

Tree Felling in Bilney Woods - Continues. Be aware of the danger signs displayed around the site.