Community Project

East Winch and West Bilney Community Project

The Project was formed several years ago to apply to the Lottery for funds financing the very successful History Weekend at St Cecilia’s Church, West Bilney. Several related projects were included in the funding application. These included the making of a path across the graveyard to the church door, the purchase of a new notice board for church and village and a community urn. Similarly it was intended to renovate the C18th bier and the creation of the East Winch and West Bilney Website, which has been run extraordinarily well ever since by Cliff Robins.

It proved difficult to undertake the archaeological survey of the churchyard we’d hoped to include, and spare money was returned to the Lottery.

The Project is not a registered charity. It has a small kitty generated at the weekend and by occasional sales of a booklet about a former Lady of the Manor, Elizabeth Freke. There were 3 committee members, but the treasurer, having left the documents in meticulous order, has resigned, as has another who is moving. New members are being sought.

The committee has not instigated any new projects, but could do, and could in theory also make small grants to support other initiatives, but not until there are more committee members.

Nell Steele. May 2018

Webmasters Note: With effecr from Jauary 2020 the Community Project has been wound up. Remainig funds were split between a number of village projects.

It is however intended to maintain the website for the immediate future and hopefully for a good deal longer under the patronage of the Parish Council.