The Sutton Family

The following is related by David Bird.  Roland and Sophia were his Great Grandparents.

Roland was the landlord of the Carpenter's Arms at East Winch from about 1896 to 1912.

 Roland Tom and Sophia Glendie Sutton.      Roland was born at Winterbourne, in Wiltshire, in 1864. Sophia was also born in the same year, but at Thorney in Cambridgeshire.Roland moved from Grittenham in Wiltshire along with his father, mother, brothers and sisters to Grantham in Lincolnshire in the late 1870s; they were from a long line of farmers, some of them being members of the Wiltshire Yeomanry.Apparently farming trends changed for the worse in Wiltshire in the 1870's and his whole family migrated northwards in search of jobs.  In the Census of 1881 Roland (Age 17) is listed there with his family. By 30th June 1884 he was listed as being the Landlord of the Woolpack in Gaywood Road King's Lynn.On the 27th July 1884 he had married Sophia Glendie Bland at St Margaret's Church King's Lynn. By 13th October that year he had then taken over another public house, the Lord Nelson in Austin Street Lynn.

Roland seems to have changed direction again by returning to his farming roots;  he is mentioned in the 1890 History Gazetter & Directory of Norfolk for Pentney, and then shown in the 1891 Census for Pentney, with three of his elder children, Nellie, John and Percy.

By 1896 the family had settled in at the Carpenters Arms staying there till around 1912.  In the 1901 Census, Roland, Sophy and seven children were at the Carpenter's Arms - East Winch. The 1901 census shows that Tom, Willie, Cecil and Isabel had been born at East Winch between 1896 and 1901.   

Roland & Sophia Sutton

I believe that Roland & Sophia moved to Old Buckenham at some stage, and eventually lived in Hethersett near Norwich, where Roland died at the age of 88 years (1952) and Sophia at the grand old age of 92 (1956).In the picture, the younger lady in the doorway  is my great aunt Jessie (real name Edith Jessie Bugg). She married my great uncle Roland Tom Glendy Sutton son of Roland & Sophia. The marriage took place early in 1915 at King's Lynn.

As mentioned above, all four of Roland's & Sophia's sons served with the Army during the Great War - the First World War of 1914 - 1918. Below are short pieces about their service.

Roland Tom Glendy Sutton, following his marriage early in 1915 to Jessie, by the 11th December he had enlisted in the Royal Horse Artillery as a Gunner, Regimental No. 126595. He was discharged from duty on 14th October 1917 because of wounds inflicted.

Cecil Glendy Sutton, or Ted as he liked to be known, was the younger brother of Roland Tom Glendy Sutton. He enlisted on the 2nd March 1916 in the Royal Horse Artillery also as a Gunner, Regimental No. 195084. He was discharged from duty on 3rd July 1918 having been gassed in the battle of the Somme. 

William Glendy Bland Sutton, middle brother to the above boys, enlisted on 2nd November 1915 in the Royal Garrison Artillery as a Gunner, Regimental No. 61058. He served his country in the 1st World War seeing action in several battles. William enjoyed his service in the army and was eventually discharged from duty on 20th January 1934.

All four of Roland & Sophia's boys went into the 1914-18 World War.  Unfortunately my grandfather Cecil was gassed at the Somme and my great uncle, Roland Tom Glendy Sutton, was wounded;  but all four boys returned home and three of them lived into their late 80's and 90's


John Thomas Glendy Sutton.  At the moment I don't have any information about his service.

The following is a transcription from the 1901 national census.

Reg. District: Freebridge, Lynn - Sub District: Middleton

 Parish East Winch - 1901

Address;- Carpenters Arms - Lynn Road, East Winch, Norfolk