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At a meeting of the Parish council the matter of participation by parishioners in the business of meetings was discussed.

Whilst Council welcomed participation from parishioners at the meeting it was recognized that it needed to be better planned.

Council decided that only items which were incorporated into the agenda would be discussed at a meeting.

To ensure that a topic might be discussed at a particular meeting, Parishioners should make direct contact with either the Clerk ( or a Councillor at least ten days before the meeting; the item may then be placed on the agenda and Councillors would have the opportunity to inform themselves about the item before the meeting.

Any other matters would be held over until the next formal meeting of the Parish Council.

(See above the dates for planned meetings of the Parish Council)

Matters may be raised at any time by contacting any of the Councillors, or the Clerk. Such matters will be dealt with as necessary within the constraints described above.

Contact details for each of the members of the Parish Council may be seen here

Note that meeting agendas are published on this website ahead of meetings.

Old Parish Council Records

Does anyone know where the Parish Council records for the last century might be? They’re not with our present or previous clerks, nor at the Norfolk Records Office. Any ideas? They could be of historical interest.

If you have any information about the old records please contact the Parish Clerk

Bob Pannell - Tel. 01553 775724



Childrens Play Areas – Exclusion of Dogs.

Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act 2014.Public Spaces Protection Order (Control of Dogs) – Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk 2015.

One of the conditions of the Borough Council order prohibits dogs being allowed onto designated fenced playgrounds. The playground at Town Close is included in the order.

The Borough Council is to consider extending this order to include all fenced in children’s play / recreation areas in the Borough and is seeking the views of Parish Councils before commencing a formal consultation process.

A copy of the current order may be seen/downloaded; see foot of page - (PSPO......pdf file).


In order to comply with the requirement that the Parish Council be open and transparent in its business,


Complete copies of documents, such as agendas & minutes of Council meetings, will not be available elsewhere.

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Who are our Parish Councillors? - see here

Our Parish Clerk is

Mr Bob Pannell

21 Baldwin Road. King's Lynn

PE30 4AL


01553 775724




The analysis of the returned questionnaires has been completed and the information may now be seen or downloaded - click here.

Information from returned questionnaires should have been collated by September. The

number of people responding has been most encouraging. It's not too late to complete

one and return it to the Post Office! You may download a copy here.

The Parish Council wishes to create a plan for the future needs of the parish. A questionnaire has been devised to gather information which will be used to help to do this. see more here

September 2014. Completed questionnaires have now been analysed and the results are available to view or to download - see more here