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In July 2013 an OPEN WEEKEND was held at St Cecilia's church at West Bilney.

The intention was to give the opportunity to visit the church and to hold a celebration of the life of Elizabeth Freke, to see the work Elizabeth did restoring it, and to see documents and maps of the time and food and music of the period.

It was a well attended occasion and a good deal of material was collected; though work is progressing it may be some time before everything is collated, with much to be posted on this web site in due course. A start has been made - see the short pieces about the pub and the brickyards at Bilney (History section). There is now also a piece by Kevin Wilson about growing up in Bilney in the 1950s and 60s, and a short write up about The Curl families of Bilney - for these see 'Village Vignette'.

Should you have anything of interest about West Bilney - stories, photographs or whatever - that may be used here, then please contact us - we should very much like to hear from you.

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