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Road works between February  and May on the A47,

A47 between Hardwick Roundabout, King’s Lynn and Swaffham: safety improvement work

Last year, we carried out safety improvement work on the A47 between Hardwick Roundabout, King’s Lynn and Swaffham.

As part of this work, we completed the following:

Whilst we made progress, we couldn’t complete our full scheme of work, due to delays associated with weather, as well as materials and supply chain issues.

Read on to learn more details about the planned work and the timetable for the closure of sections of the road.

National Highways will be returning to the area to carry out the following work:-

We plan to complete this work over approximately 12 weeks, starting on Monday 26 February. We will work overnight between 8pm and 6am, weather conditions permitting.


Work phasing

To reduce impact on the local community, we will be reducing our work and closure area to the smallest extent possible, to safely carry out the work. Closures will occur in three locations on the A47:


Closures and diversions

To carry out the work safely, we will need to close the above sections of the A47. For all three closure locations the strategic diversion route will be the same. Local traffic will still be able to use the A47, outside of the localised closure extents.


Eastbound traffic will be diverted from Hardwick Roundabout, Kings Lynn via the A10, A134 and the A1122 before re-joining the A47 at A1122/Swaffham Road Roundabout.


Westbound traffic will be diverted from A1122/Swaffham Road Roundabout via the A1122 and A10, before re-joining the A47 at Hardwick Roundabout, Kings Lynn.




(A) Station Road, Middleton to Walton Road, East Winch

Monday 26 Feb to Friday 22 March

Approx. four weeks

(B) Hardwick Roundabout to School Road, Middleton

Monday 25 March to Friday 19 April

Approx. four weeks

(C) Walton Road, East Winch to Norfolk Woods Resort, Pentney

Monday 22 April to Friday 17 May

Approx. four weeks

Details are correct at the time of issue but may be subject to change. Please check our dedicated webpage, detailed below for the latest information on this work and diversion maps.

How to find out more 

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