East Winch Frolic

The following are believed to be the accounts for two seperate occasions when the frolic was held in the village - understood to be in 1983 and 1985.

(See also In the papers - September 1880)

East Winch Frolic & Horticultural Show – 1983

The idea of holding the Frolic was to draw the community together, with events such as a horticultural show and sports, along with stalls of various sorts.

In 1983 the East Winch Frolic was revived – the first time since, it is believed, 1893.

The event was opened by Mr & Mrs E C Martin, of Hoechst UK Ltsd. Hoeschst was an agriculturural chemical company which occupied East Winch Hall as its UK Headquarters. Abigail Paton and Clare Taylor presented buttonholes to Mr and Mrs Martin.

At the Horticultural Show, the Hoeschst Cup was won by Mrs and Mrs Marwood, who also won the Blue Riband.

A competition for the largest pumpkin was won by Derek Steel with a whopping 154½ lb fruit. Mrs Chris Chestney won second place with 104 lb and Mr P Valentine came third with 78½ lb.

Five children took part too – with Mark Bailey’s 35½ lbs fruit taking the children’s title.

A feature of the event was also the running of the East Winch Mile race. About 15 competitors took part. West Winch primary school won a competition for a school team.

The proceeds of the event, between £500 and £600 were to be shared between various village organisations.

The Frolic was again run in 1985(See also In the papers - September 1880)

In 1985 various village associations came together to hold the East Winch Frolic and Horticultural Show. For many years there had been a Church Fete and Horticultural Show and this had been built upon to introduce The Frolic. At the same time, the ‘Mile Race’ was re-introduced. This had been an event that had been run previously but which had not happened for some time.

The Frolic was a village ‘get together’ to try to keep the community spirit alive. It was supported by the Parish Council, the Village Hall Trustees, The Friends of the School, The Bowls Club, The W.I., The Cricket Club and the Over 60’s Club. ( you might wonder where are all these associations now ? )

In addition to running the Mile race, sports were organised for the children from local schools and a Tug of War Competition was held.

The Tug of war was won by the West Bilney Crushers. West Winch school won the schools competition.

For the Horticultural Show, the ‘Hoechst Cup’ and the Blue Riband were up for grabs. (The Hoechst Cup had been donated by the chemical company, Hoechst, which occupied The Hall at the time)

In the event, Mr & Mrs Getley won the Cup and the Riband – having been successful in a number of classes.

A number of still familiar names are amongst those successful in various classes for mixed vegetables, onions, runner beans, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on.

Names such as M Wright, Mrs and Mrs Paton, Mr and Mrs Steele, Mr H Skipper, Mr A R Wilson, Mr W Buckenham, Mr P Valentine, Mr & Mrs Marwood, Mrs A Steward and so on, appear in the listings of winners.

(Apologies to anyone else who I have not listed here – I have just selected random names from an extensive list of winners at the Show)

In the men’s handicraft competition, Mr Roland Harman won first prize. To win the competition, Mr Harman had made a crossbow, carved a walking stick, baked a loaf of bread and made a dress and blouse for his wife.

(Mr Harman was a talented engineer. He had not only made a mechanical long case clock, but had made the tools with which he made the clock)

The Mile race was won by Chris Mann, who was only 12 or 13 at the time. The Ladies race was won by Tricia Blakesley and the girls race by Trudi Larkman.

The photograph, taken from a newspaper report, is of the start of of the mile race.From the left are Tricia Blakesley, Derek Steele, Nell Steele, David Blakesley, David Van Dyke, David Rowson.The next competitor is unknown; If you are able to put a name to the face please let us know - Contact us hereThe eventual winner, Chris Mann is at the far right hand side of the photograph.Also, in the background are are thought to be, amongst others, Brian Paton, Pat De-Bootman, Mrs Bond, Mr Webster, Colin Dye and Colin Peart.Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II - 1953.From the Lynn News of the time - then The King's Lynn News and Advertiser - a report from East Winch:-EAST WINCH

When East Winch Coronation celebration committee held their final meeting, the Treasurer, Mr L Harrisson, reported that £173 15s had been spent, leaving a balance of 18s. with which it was decided to buy three more sets of cups and plates, to be given to the first three babies born in the village after the Coronation. It was made known that the seats around the cricket ground were not bought with money from Coronation funds.

A collection made at East Winch by Mrs J Northcott in aid of the British Red Cross raised £3 3s.