Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Presentation

This page is intended as an introduction to the concept of a Neighbourhood Plan - which is not the same as a Parish Plan.

    • To cover:What is a neighbourhood plan - put simply

    • Opportunities and consideration

    • Alternatives to a neighbourhood plan

    • Basic Conditions

    • Process of preparing the Neighbourhood Plan and the role of the Borough Council

    • Any questions


A "neighbourhood development plan" is

    • a plan which sets out policies in relation to the development and use of land

    • in the whole or any part of a particular neighbourhood area specified in the

    • plan.

    • A community led plan to help guide to developrnent, regeneration and conservation in the area

    • Not the same as a parish plan

    • Essentiatly it is about development. Other things can be put in the plan but must be marked differently frorn policies, for example, in an addendum.


Why undertake a Neighbourhood Plan?

    • A community produced plan - representing local views and aspirations, written by members of the community.

    • Can create policies to address local issues that are not covered in the Borough Council Local Plan.

    • Becomes part of the statutory development plan for the are€a - much greater weight than other local documents such as parish plans and village design statements.

    • Can provide the community with greater control over development in their area although it is important to note it cannot stop development

      • For example: design considerations, types of developrnent to be encouraged or dlscouraged, protect sites (e.g. village green), allocate sites for particular sorts of development.

    • Parishes with a neighbourhood plan will receive 25% af any community infrastructure levy arising from developments in their area compared to parishes without a neighbourhood plan, who will receive 15%. As yet the Borough Couneil is taking steps to introduce CIL.

See Neighbourhood Plan

See Neighbourhood Plan which gives a lot more information about this idea. The file can be read and/or downloaded.