East Winch Hall

The Hall was built in the 19th century by the Astley family who had prospered in the tea trade. Local tradition had it that the house was built in the style of a tea caddy. Osbert Lancaster said in his memoir "Although at the time I never dreamed of doubting this theory, on looking back it seems to me to have been a perfectly ordinary, four square late Georgian residence with a rather low pitched roof".

In about 1906 the property was purchased by Osbert's grandfather Sir William, (1841-1929) a prosperous business man, who renovated the property. After his death in 1928 the Hall was held in trusteeship by Lionel Rodwell who added the East wing; and then through a succession of owners:

Mrs Hume-Gore

Mr Cragg

Mr Wilson

The Vassalos family who owned Campbells soups, used the Hall for entertaining.

In September 1965 the Hall was badly damaged by fire, after which it was white-washed to disguise the non matching brick work.

In 1970 the freehold was purchased by the Dredging and Construction Company who completely altered the building, adding a three floor office block to the rear.

In 1980 it became the Head Office for Hoechst's (a chemical company) Agricultural division.

In December 2000 it became home to Adrian Flux Insurance Services and has grown still further.