Register of Electors

Electoral Registration.

The Annual Registration process:

Households will receive a 'Annual Enquiry' form to be completed. The form is pre-printed with the household details that are currently on record.

If there are no changes required to be made, then the form just needs signing and returning in the accompanying pre paid envelope.

Should changes be required, for example the addition of anyone now over 16 in the household, or somebody previously registered at the address now no longer living there, then the form should be corrected, sgned and returned.

Returns can also be made online - go to here (you will need the security codes printed on the form)

by Telephone - 0800 197 9871

or Text NOCHANGE followed by the security code shown on the form - to 80212

Note that there is a legal obligation to register

At the same time you can choose to either have your details shown on the 'Open Register' or not. For more informtion about this see

Being shown on the open register allows your details to be made available to any person, organisation or company that chooses to purchase the information, for any purpose.

It means that, quite legally, those companies have purchased access to some of your private data.

Should you wish to check that you are registered, or wish to change your choice regarding the 'Open Register', you should contact the Borough Council electoral services department

Telephone. 01553 616773 or 616200


Internet: here


The registration system for voting is to change this year - 2014. In the past the 'householder' has been responsible for completing the registration form for all qualifying household members. However, from this year, each individual will be responsible for their own registration.

Letters will soon be delivered to households outlining the new procedures. In most cases, those already on the electoral register will automatically be transferred to the new system and, apart from confirming that their details as recorded are correct, will not be required to do anything further. It is expected that this procedure will cover 90% of people.


A new Register of Electors is to be published this year on 16 October 2012.

This is earlier than usual because of the Police and Crime Commissioner elections which are to be held on 15 November 2012.

Early in July each household will receive a registration form, with a reply paid envelope.

Householders are required, by law, to confirm the details shown on the form when there are no changes required, or to complete the form and return it when changes are necessary. For example, there may be additions to be made if children in the family are reaching the age at which they may vote; the form shows details of who should be included

Where there are no changes required to the information held, confirmation may be made by telephone, text, post, or online; details of how to use these options are shown on the form.

If changes are required then the form must be completed and returned by post.

The closing date for registration - by whatever means - is OCTOBER 8TH. 2012

Failure to register will debar you from voting and may lead to prosecution.

People should also be aware that reference to the Register is often made by various credit rating agencies. Difficulties may be experienced in accessing services if your name is not on the register.

You may be aware that there are two versions of the register. The full Register lists names and addresses of all who are registered to vote. Anyone may inspect the Register, but it may not be used for purposes other than those set down in law.

The edited version however is available for sale, to any company or organisation and may be used for any purpose; This includes, for example, by commercial companies for marketing.

Quite legally, those companies then have purchased access to some of your private data.

However, each person listed may elect to opt out of this version of the register by ticking the 'Edited Register' box on the form against their name.

More information may be seen here

The new Electoral Roll will be published on December 1st. 2014.

Letters will be delivered within about the first ten days of August. Should you be expecting a letter and do not receive one, then you should contact the Borough Council electoral services department and make enquiries:-

Telephone. 01553 616773.


In cases where nobody is known to be registered at an address, a 'Household Enquiry Form' will be delivered. This is designed to check whether or not anyone at that address needs to register.

What happens next will depend on the answer to the enquiry.

Those not included in the automatic transfer to the new system will be required to register; this may be done either by completing the form which will accompany the letter, or by registering 'online' - go to here Note that you will need to have your National Insurance number to hand.