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Dear Parishioners,

Lent Course: February - March 2024

We are delighted to invite you to join us for a Lent course that will help us to marvel at the beauty of Christ afresh this Easter. 

We will be using the book ‘The Beauty of the Cross’ by Tim Chester, which is a Lent devotional that reflects on the prophecies about the cross of Christ in Isaiah chapters 52 and 53. These chapters are part of the Servant Songs, which are four songs in the book of Isaiah that describe the person and work of the Servant of the Lord.

The Servant Songs are rich in meaning and relevance for Christians today, as they point to the suffering and glory of Jesus Christ, the ultimate Servant of the Lord. I have personally found this book to be very insightful and inspiring, and I hope you will too. 

The course will consist of five sessions, each lasting about an hour. We will meet on the following  dates

 Saturdays: 24 Feb, 2 Mar, 9 Mar, 16 Mar, and 23 March 2024. at 2 pm. 

Each session will include prayer, a short video, a Bible reading, guided reflections, discussion questions, and take-away actions. The book also contains a link to an original song, ‘See Jesus Stripped of Majesty’, which we can listen to and sing along.

The course is open to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the cross of Christ. 

There are 10-15 spaces available, so please RSVP by 5th Feb. 2024 to book your place. 

The book costs £6.99, you can get it for the internet or please let us know if you need any assistance with ordering the book or if you have any questions about the course. We are always happy to help. 

We hope you will join us for this Lent course and discover the beauty of the cross together. 

We are looking forward to learning and growing with you. 

Looking forward,

Rev. Riaz M

Rev. Canon Richard Bowett; &

(Curate) Rev. Julie Swinton. 


Parochial Church Council – (PCC)

A combined PCC has been formed to include  the churches at East Winch (All Saints) and Middleton (St Mary’s).

The Members and officers of the new PCC are:-

Mrs Jacqueline Ramsay – (Jackie)
Mrs Wendy Smith
Mr John Dunn
Mr Fresd Pidcock
Susan Cutter
Mrs Susan Dunn - &
Mrs Janet Weavers

Middleton Church Wardens: - Susan Cutter and Susan Dunn

Combined Secretary:-                Mrs Vicky Pidcock

Treasurers                                       Mrs Wendy Smith at East Winch                             
                                                              Mr  John Dunn at Middleton

Fabric Officer                                 Mr Fred Pidcock

Contact: -