Chairman's Page

March 2021.

East Winch Parish Council

The Parish Council is still unable to meet, but if you have any concerns, please contact the Parish Clerk, Bob Pannell, or any of the councillors; for contact information look here

Planning. All planning matters have been considerably delayed, as the Borough Council suffers staff shortages and struggles with Covid regulations.

The consultation period for the EcoWellness centre off the Ashwicken Road may not now take place until the summer.

Forestry work in Bilney woods. This was due to start in late February, but the foresters have been waiting until the soil dries up a bit before starting felling.

Extra dog poo bins. The Forestry Commission does not want to have a bin at the entrance to Bilney woods, having had bad experiences with bins in Shouldham Forest. As the woods are already spoilt by bags of poo which never rot away please bag up your dog’s poo and take it home and place in your black waste bin, or use the dog waste bins around the village.

Subject to the agreement of the Borough Council, it is hoped that a bin will be placed at the bottom of Church Lane. Bins cannot be emptied where the lane becomes a path, so please bear this in mind and take the poo to a bin. The nearest one is currently the one by the church gates.

Litter Picking

Hurrah for the wonderful team which collected litter in East Winch and along the common! They were so enthusiastic! Many, many thanks. Pity that just a day later someone had flung out more rubbish. Does anyone feel like continuing up Common Road beyond the chevrons? If so, pleas get in touch with Nell - telephone 840814


East Winch Parish Council meetings.

Having been unable to meet for months, the Council at last met at Middleton Village Hall, East Winch hall being closed. Unfortunately, due to lockdown, we will not be able to meet again for the foreseeable future, and discussion has been by email. See the Chairman's report below.

Anyone with matters to be considered should contact the clerk,

Mr Bob Pannell. -

E-mail: 01553 775724

21, Baldwin Road

King's Lynn

PE30 4AL

East Winch Parish Council meeting 14th December 2020.

Chairman's Report.

At the meeting, the Council welcomed two new co-opted councillors, Mr Andy Bellehouse and Mr Sam Adkin.

We are delighted to have increased our numbers, and there is still room for two more.

During the meeting, we discussed various ways in which funds could be used for the benefit of the village. This conversation is ongoing, but soon we will need to establish how much we are likely to be spending, as that will affect the precept, the sum raised annually, from Parishoners Council Tax payments, to fund the Parish Council.

Possibilities included making a trod along Common Road through the

common; providing dog poo bins at the entrance to Bilney woods (though this will require the consent of the forestry Commission) and further down the bridle path to Blackborough End, though both these need the agreement of the Borough Council; getting another flashing speed sign, though putting one up on the A47 is the responsibility of Highways England, so we can’t do

that; and assisting the Friends - probably to a small degree - to get new playground equipment.

Tree Felling in Bilney Woods

The Forestry Commission has notified the Parish Council that they will start felling in February - probably about 20th. and continue for about 6 weeks.

Two areas are to be felled: A block on both sides of the Denton’s Farm track just before you reach the houses, and a strip along the southern edge of the forest following the lower path.

It looks as if, during the 6 weeks when felling will take place, that all the forest west of the newly shingled fire route will be off bounds.

The right of way to Denton’s Farm will remain open.

We understand that the Denton’s Farm patch is likely to be dealt with first, though that may change as soil conditions vary.