Churchyard Records

All Saints - East Winch

A record of burials, gravestones, memorials and a plan of the churchyard are now available to download - see the link in the box below.

The information has been transcribed from an original survey made in 1977.

The data is provided as .pdf files for downloading.

The data has been split into a number of files. This has been done in order to restrict the size of each for downloading. All of the files will therefore be required to see the complete data set.

All the data is now presented in a new transcription which is easier to read than the earlier version posted here..

Included in the information available are:-

An Index - of names of those interred and the plot number within the churchyard. This includes the original index and the updates that have been made since.

A Plan of the churchyard showing the position of the plots - use this with the index to find a grave.

A List of memorial tablets in the church and Stones earlier than 1800.

See the text of inscriptions on memorial stones - with the plot number.

Plots Nos. 1 - 75 Plots Nos. 76 - 132 Plots Nos. 133 - 190 Plots Nos. 191 - 211

Errors, omissions and uncertainties ? - there probably are some, for which I apologise.

However, if you are able to provide the information to correct, or complete, the data shown please contact me by e-mail - and I shall be pleased to make the necessary corrections.

You should note that the files showing inscriptions on memorial stones have not been updated since the original survey. Should you feel able to devote the time and energy to bringing the data up to date I should be pleased to post it here. Please contact me before doing anything however - we can then liaise with the PCC.

We hope that you may find the information available to be of some interest. Please contact Webmaster if you have any queries about the Churchyard records.