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Comment from our group of Churches. - March 2021

Easter! Lent’s over! Booze and chocolate galore! The lengthening days and British Summer Time push back the darkness. God’s creation comes alive.

Then there’s that extra all-important meaning for Christians. On the Friday, Jesus’s crucified body had been buried in a tomb closed by a heavy stone. On the Sunday, the stone had been rolled away, and nothing was left but a few pieces of linen. Only St Matthew, who loved drama and describes an earthquake and an angel who zoomed down and rolled the stone back, before the terrified guards. But the tomb was already empty.

Artists also liked to make the scene dramatic, never mind whether it was true to the gospels, and painted Jesus rising into the air above the tomb, greeted by God the Father and a crowd of angels, while the guards sink to the ground below.

Some of the hymns we sing at Easter have this triumphant attitude too, but I don’t think they get anywhere near expressing the wonder and mystery of Easter. Somehow, quietly, between Friday evening and Sunday morning, the corpse had gone. All the gospels are insistent that Jesus had risen and appeared to his followers to guide and inspire them. The hymn that sums it up best for me is less well known. Here’s the first verse:

Now the green blade riseth from the buried grain,

Wheat that in the dark earth many days has lain.

Love lives again, that with the dead has been:

Love is come again like wheat that springeth green.

The melody is lovely, gentle, meditative. The emphasis is not on Jesus as a person, or where he is, but on love. The love that was - is - so strong it couldn’t die. The love that brings new hope, new comfort, new inspiration.

The last verse of the hymn seems so right for what has been happening over the last year:

When our hearts are wintry, grieving or in pain,

Thy touch can call us back to life again;

Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been:

Love is come again like wheat that springeth green.

Amid all the fear and grief - the people who couldn’t say goodbye to a dying parent; the men and women in care homes who had no visitors; the many who have lost their jobs and who fear for their future - Love has come. People of all faiths and none have collected food for the hungry, visited or phoned vulnerable people, raised funds, while medical and social care workers have given their all to support and heal. This is Love rising again. This is what Jesus is all about.


East Winch Church and the Middlewinch Benefice.

Very sadly, all churches are shut for worship, though East Winch and North Runcton will be

open for private prayer every Wednesday from 10-12. An informal recorded service including

material for children will appear on YouTube twice a month.

The next one will be on 14th February.

We are attempting to put on a more formal service by zoom for the Benefice - Look here for further information about this.

Details of the latest planned online service may be seen here

Please would anyone who wishes to be emailed about this contact

Rev. Riaz. Telephone: 01553 841519.



Sunday Worship

With the permission of the Bishop of Norwich, and effective from 27th. December, all church services in the Middlewinch Benefice have been suspended until further notice.

This decision has been brought about by the spread of the Covid virus and the placing of Norfolk into Tier 4.

The Benefice will provide on-line, pre recorded, services.


A Memorial for the dead.

Many people have lost people they loved during lockdown, whether they have died from Coronavirus or other causes. When a funeral has been attended by almost no-one, there has been no wake, there may have been no last goodbye, the death seems sadder than ever to

many people.

It has been suggested that a temporary quiet space could be made in the churchyard where people could leave a message, or bring an art work or similar to remember their loved one.

What form should this take? Suggestions include a garden, ribbons on a tree, or a fountain. If you have any ideas, please send them to

Amanda Hart ( or

Nell Steele (


Church Opening hours

During the the winter the church is not routinely open to visitors - apart of course for services. However, it may be opened on request to those wishing to visit.

If you would like to go in, please phone Wendy (842281), Janet (840510) or Colin (841208).

If you have any views about when the church is open or not, please let Nell know. (840814).

Details of forthcoming Church services may be seen here

During British Summer Time the church is normally open on Saturdays between 10 and 4. We intend to keep to this practice this year.

March 2021

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