The Home Guard

East Winch Home Guard 1940/1941

The following is taken from a piece that was originally published in the Lynn News.

'Among the band of willing volunteers prepared to fight for the freedom of their country was George Taylor and his father Bert.

George thought that the accompanying photograph of East Winch Home Guard was taken in 1940 or 1941; it was taken at Hall Farm at East Winch - where Burman Mews now stands.

The men used to train twice a week and George remembers the group having to stay up all night, once a week, in case of enemy attack.

George was not sent to fight abroad because he worked on the land in the village - farm workers being exempt from serving full time.

He was born at Roydon, but spent most of his life at East Winch - where he still lives.

(George and his wife Phyliss have now left the village and are happily settled in a care home in King's Lynn.)

George has named just about everyone in the photograph; If you can complete the list please let us know'.

Back Row - Left to right.

Walter King; Shepard Williamson; Fred Cawston; George Taylor; Charles Mason; Horace Griggs; Walter Turner; John Aves; Dennis Manning

Middle Row

Spencer Chapman; Sid Berry; PC Woodgate; Fred Harper; Cecil Rasberry; William Cawston; Walter Adams; George Poll; Bert Taylor; Eric Skeet

Front Row

Freddie Bartle; Charles Drew; Albert Griggs; William Manning; UNKNOWN; Eddie Rasberry; Jimmy Neale; ?? Tattershall.

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The Observation Post (Pill Box) on Common Road.

Though not necessarily directly connected with the above piece about the Home Guard, it is perhaps relevant to mention here the Observation Post on Common Road.

There are very many of these Pill Boxes - or similar - around the county (see more), I have sometimes tried to have a look inside. They are mostly rather overgrown of course and access is not always possible. There is usually nothing to see if you do get inside however - but there is always the urge to have a look - on the off chance of seeing something unusual.

I understand that this one at East Winch was built during the Second World War (1939 - 1945)

to 'guard' the road leading to West Bilney. At the time troops were billeted at West Bilney Hall and so the Pill Box would have allowed observation of vehicles approaching. This is a type 22 Box. (See more) It seems likely that the local Home Guard may well have manned this post at some time.(The photographs here have been provided by Kevin Wilson)