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Booking the Village Hall.

Please use the online booking system here

Rates of hire are currently (May 2021): -

£12 per hour for adhoc bookings and £10 per hour for regular hirers (which will be invoiced monthly).

Contact the Village Hall - e-mail

Terms & Conditions - Hire of the Village Hall may be seen/downloaded from here.

Covid-19 Update:

Please note that hirers are responsible for ensuring that current government guidelines including: use of face coverings, social distancing and personal hygiene are in place.



Minutes of a meeting held at the Village Hall on 14 April. 2021

Present Claire Hardy, Richard Hardy, Kenita Smith, Amanda Hart, Jenny Lamb,

Paula Blowers.

Appointment of Trustees

Kenita is stepping down as booking secretary. She was thanked for her 4 years

of volunteering. Amanda is resigning as booking officer as well, but staying on

as a trustee.

Keith Harrod has already stepped down as treasurer

Giles has stepped down as chair. Paula to contact Giles to pick up any

paperwork and keys.

Paula is staying on as secretary.

Jenny Lamb is coming on as a trustee.

Richard and Claire Hardy have volunteered to take on the bookings and

treasurers’ jobs.

The main bookings will now be done online through Hallmaster with invoicing online as well. This will cost £187 + vat per year.

There will be a link from the village website direct to Hallmaster. Richard is happy to set up our own email address and this will be on the village website as well.

We can also add PayPal to the system for an extra £20 a year. People could still pay by cash or cheque, but this is not going to be encouraged. It was discussed if it was possible to have provisional bookings, contactles spayment and if deposits can be refunded if not needed for repairs. It was decided to keep the deposit to £100 for parties as regular users don’t tend to pay a deposit.

Hire charges were discussed and it was decided to charge £10/hour for regular users and £12/ hour for parties.

A list of jobs for the year needs to be drawn up and then people can choose what jobs they would like to do.

The fire alarms need to be tested every week and these have not been done for some time. We also need a regular cleaner to clean at least twice a week. A deep clean need to done before re-opening Paula to contact Xtra clean for a


Signatures for signing cheques need to be changed.

Masterlock for keys so hirers who don’t have their own keys .

Paula to register the hall with the Governments QR code track and trace.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 28 th April 2021 at the Village Hall.