East Winch & West Bilney


Avian Flu is widespread throughout the UK.

DEFRA Advice is not to touch any sick or dead birds.

If you find any dead waterfowl (swans, ducks, geese), any gulls or birds of prey, please report them to the Defra helpline on 03459 335577.


We need a new magazine correspondent, or correspondents. At present, Nell Steele writes most of the East Winch information for the parish magazine. She is hoping to move away later in the spring. In order to carry on the village’s representation in the magazine, someone else needs to take over. It would also work if the village organisations were to send the editor their own news, as the RSPCA has begun to do.

Send copy to the editor Chris Hudson - editorofparishnews@gmail.com.

Magazine copy is also put on the Village Website. Please e-mail webmaster@eastwinchandwestbilney.co.uk

Please get in touch with Nell (840814) if you have any queries.


Church Lent Courses.

See details of Lent Courses starting on Tuesday March 8th. Here


Registering Electrical Appliances

Norfolk County Council - News Update

"Registering your electrical appliances is a great way to keep your home safe. Many household electrical appliances have the potential to go wrong and become a fire hazard, so please register your appliances online to keep updated with safety information.”

See more about this here


At the meeting of the Parish Council on

1oth. January, after a good deal of discussion, Council elected to increase the Council Tax precept for 2022/23 to £15,000. This is the first time for some years that it has been increased from the current £12,500.


The Police & Crime Commissioner's consultation regarding Police costs and Council Tax precept for the year 2022/2023 is now closed


Parish Council -

Vacancy for Councillor

At the meeting on 10th. January, Council was told that a Councillor has resigned. This leaves a vacancy on the Council. Should you be interested in filling the empty chair please contact the Clerk:-

Mr R Pannell - Telephone 01553 775724 or e-mail bob.pannell1@btinternet.com


Minutes for all Parish Council meetings held in 2021 may be seen here


The DRAFT Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 10th. January may be seen



Household Waste Bin Collections. The calendar for Christmas and the New year 2021/22 is here




Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Visiting Inpatient restrictions.

From Friday 3 September 2021 inpatient visits have only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.

The exceptions apply to visitors accompanying a child or vulnerable patient with learning disabilities or additional needs, such as autism or dementia. In these cases one visitor will be permitted per visit. Further special arrangements may also be made for patients who are critically illor receiving end-of-life care. These will be arranged on a case-by-case basis with patients and relatives. Where relatives are unable to visit in-person, the Trust continues to facilitate virtual visits, including via phone, video calls, and messages.

To learn more go to:-


The School

Should you have any information, photographs, stories and so on, about East Winch or West Bilney that might be of interest to our visitors, we should like to hear from you - please email Webmaster

We look forward to hearing from you.