Road Works

Major Roadworks on A47
commencing 10th. May for approximately 5 weeks.

It is understood that all households have received a letter from Highways England giving details of the forthcoming roadworks due to start on 10th. May.
The letter gives details of the various work areas - including dates and maps of diversions. Note that at times some sections of the A47 will be completely closed.
For convenience, the letter is reproduced here and may be downloaded as a .pdf file.

Roadworks on A10
commencing 18th June for approximately 5 nights

Resurfacing work will take place on the A10 stretching along the A10 from the Hardwick roundabout - includes the layby. The road will be closed between 7pm and 7am:  Monday - Friday

Documentation and maps of works and diversions are here

Highways England wants to hear your views.

Highways England will again be coming to a town near you this spring and summer so you can learn all about the road works happening in your area.

The organisation is using the mobile visitor centre for the second year following 2017’s
successful trial to engage with the public, and will give road users and local residents the chance to speak to staff that will be coming to their area, starting with Essex and Suffolk throughout March.

The minibus facility will open out into a larger exhibition, which will feature displays and presentations about road works in the area and road safety.
Highways England Capital Delivery Team Leader, Aran Nugent, said: “We are aware that the work we do has an impact on our road users, and so Highways England is eager to better engage with drivers and local residents so we can hear their comments, allay their concerns and answer any questions they may come to us with.

“This mobile exhibition offers us an excellent opportunity to better get into those communities we will be working alongside, so we can speak with people to explain the work we are doing and the benefits it will bring for them, their town and this region. Last year we had a good response with people coming along to learn about roadworks and share their views, so we hope that interest will continue and grow further in 2018.”

In the last financial year (2017/18), Highways England spent £61.4 million on essential maintenance across the East, including £3.5 million on new noise barriers on the M40 in Buckinghamshire, £3.1 million for a new roundabout with Harwich Road and the A120 near Wix, and a £3.5 million repair to the accident damaged Saddlebow Interchange on the A47 near King’s Lynn.

Now drivers will be able to speak to Highways England staff about this whole range of road works that are happening soon and further in the future, with £34.4 million committed to maintaining the East’s roads over the next year.

 The exhibition will be visiting Norfolk and covering the A47 in May.

Interested visitors are asked to stay up to date with the latest information by following @HighwaysEast on Twitter.

Members of the public are invited to attend the mobile visitor centre to speak with Highways England staff, which will include traffic officers at some of the exhibitions.

Long term roadworks at the


is  now largely complete.

There is to be one more closure of the road. However, no date has ben confirmed for this.





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Better Journeys on Better Roads: 2017/18 Maintenance and Improvement Programme East

Highways England operates, maintains and modernises the strategic road network in the East of England.  We are committed to making journeys more reliable and ensuring that the region’s roads are fit for now and for the future.

I am writing to let you know about the following upcoming works on A47 Saddlebow Interchange in King’s Lynn:

·       Strengthening of A47 Saddlebow Interchange east and west bridges which carry the A148 Saddlebow Road over the A47 King’s Lynn southern bypass

The works will take place from the week commencing Monday 23 October 2017 and will take approximately 6 months to be completed. 

Traffic restrictions

In order to carry out our work as quickly and safely as possible we will need to put in place some temporary traffic restrictions and diversions. Please find the diversion routes on the separate page. 

·       West Bridge – Bridge closed over A47. Diversion starts from the A47 westbound on-slip road to the Pullover roundabout, to re-join A47 eastbound off-slip road at Saddlebow

·       East Bridge – Bridge closed over A47. Diversion starts from A47 eastbound on-slip to Hardwick Interchange (secondary circulatory), to re-join A47 westbound then A47 westbound off-slip

·       A47 Closure – Closed below the interchange between A47 slip roads at both ends. Eastbound traffic to use A47 eastbound off-slip at Saddlebow Interchange to A47 eastbound on-slip back to A47 for eastbound carriageway. A maximum of 8 weekend closures over the span of 6 months is expected during the works, as shown in the diversion plan

·       Westbound Traffic – Use A47 westbound off-slip at Saddlebow Interchange to A47 westbound on-slip back to A47 for westbound carriageway
During the bridge strengthening works, we will use the opportunity to complete a number of safety improvements to the A47 Pullover road and Hardwick roundabout. 
This local network maintenance will include activities such as improving road markings and road studs on all approaches and exits to the roundabout (as well as on the roundabout), improving the signing on the approach to the roundabout, localised patching and pothole repair, as well as safety improvements.
If you would like to keep up to date of our ongoing works in the region please visit

Contact us

If you wish to discuss this project further, or have any questions about his work, then please contact our 24hr Highways England Customer Care team by phone on 0300 123 5000.
Alternatively, you can email GRAHAM Construction who will be carrying out the works at
We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience these works may cause you.
Yours faithfully
Andrew Dyer

Project Sponsor

Highways England