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Councillors:        Elected on 2nd. May 2019          



East Winch ward.    Represented by seven councillors
West Bilney ward.   Represented by one councillor.

2019 elections.
There were only 6 nominations for the East Winch ward, one fewer than seats available. The election was therefore 'UNCONTESTED'; 'voting' for Councillors was therefore not necessary.

Result of the 2019 election.

The election was uncontested; those nominated are therefore considered to be elected - see to left.

at May 2019, following the resignation of one Councillor, there are two vacancies on the Council.
The procedure for filling the vacancies by Co-option will commence.

Mrs N Steele      Chairman      

3 Southview Cottages
Common Road
West Bilney
PE32 1JX
01553 840814

Mr K Harrod     Vice Chairman           
Council News may be seen here

Councillors News may be seen here
63 Town Close
East Winch
King's Lynn
PE32 1NU
01553 841353

Resignation from the Parish Council following their elections on 2nd.May:-

Mrs L Papworth
Mr M Place      

Mr N Velzeboer
Manor Farm
West Bilney
King's Lynn
PE32 1HR
01760 337382

Mr D Wright     
1 Station Road
East Winch
King's Lynn
PE32 1NR
01553 840150

Mr A Yarham  
07771 825690

Clerk to the Parish Council

Mr Bob Pannell.
21, Baldwin Road
King's Lynn
PE30 4AL

01553 775724



Borough Councillors - Gayton & Grimston Ward - elected on 2nd. May 2019

Borough Council elections - 2nd. May 2019. See more here

Note: New electoral boundaries were effective for the 2019 election. East Winch/West Bilney were in the newly enlarged Gayton & Grimston Ward; For this new ward there are two representative Borough Councillors - see to the left.
Mr Andrew De Whalley
The Cottage
5 Chequers Road
Grimston PE32 1 AJ
07770 273903

Mr Colin Manning
11 Rectory Close
Roydon  PE32 1AS
07885 258932

County Councillor - Gayton & Nar Valley - Elected 4 May 2017
Mr G R Middleton

81 Wisbech Road,

Kings Lynn,


PE30 5LA

07946 309655