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The latest update from Defra is that the H5N6 AI virus has been confirmed in wild birds for five more localities in England taking the total to 11 since 12 Jan. There have not been any cases in NI, Wales or Scotland (but there has been in the Republic of Ireland).
There have been no cases in captive/domestic birds

This is a strain close to H5N6 virus that has been found in wild birds on the continent in recent months.

It is highly infectious to birds but is not thought to be a threat to the public

Current advice on the DEFRA/DAERA websites states that they

require reports of any dead wild waterfowl (swans, geese or ducks), gulls or birds of prey.

For all other species, please continue to only report if five or more are found in the same place.

DO NOT take dead or sick birds indoors or attempt euthanasia of sick birds

BEST ADVICE IS NOT to touch sick or dead wild birds - ESPECIALLY NOT with bare hands.

Leave any dead / sick bird where it is and:-
Call the
DEFRA helpline on 03459 33 55 77
for advice on what to do


Each Year the Samaritans based in King's Lynn respond to over 15,000 contacts from people suffering distress or despair who, on occasions, might be close to suicide. In addition our volunteers work in partnership with other organisations such as the Queen Elizabeth hospital, GP surgeries, local schools, the police and prisons, to provide essential support and advice to people in our community.

You can make an amazing difference at Samaritans helping to support people around the UK and Ireland when they need someone to talk to or they are going through a difficult time in their life. We welcome and value every volunteer, from all walks of life.

Whatever your interests, experience or skills, we have a role for you, and we will train, mentor and support you in whatever role you choose to do
for further details about joining them

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