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'Rural Community Games'

Village Sports   2019

See 2019 results
round by round below.

G.L.E.A.M. TEAM -  

Rural Community Games 2019.

Planned events and dates are as follows -

Archery - Sunday 31 March, 10am, need 3 adults and 3 juniors aged 8 -15 years old.

GLEAM finished 2nd.

Rounders -

Friday 10 May, 6pm, need adults & at least 5 juniors aged 8 -15 years old.

GLEAM finished 2nd

Tag Rugby

Friday 5 July, 6pm, need adults & at least 3 juniors aged 8 -15 years old.

Table Tennis – Friday 13 September, 6pm, need adults and juniors aged 8 -15 years old.


Friday 11 October, 6pm, need adults and juniors aged 8 -15 years old.

If you live in one of the GLEAM parishes of

Gayton, Leziate, East Winch, Ashwicken or Middleton

and would like to take part this year, I’d love to hear from you!

Sarah Byatt

Village Sports Co-ordinator

Tel: 07913 439222

email   villagegames@hotmail.co.uk

RESULTS 2019:-

Archery - 31 March.

1st. Clenchwarton: 2nd. GLEAM: 3rd. Downham Market: 4th. Terrington St Clement.

Rounders - 10 May

1st. Clenchwarton A:   2nd. GLEAM3rd. Downham Market B:
4th. Clenchwarton B:  5th. Downham Market A

Our team consisted of Debbie, Harriet, James, Sarah, Bob, Maddi, John, Rhiannon, Jack & Archie.


2018 results.

G.L.E.A.M. TEAM -  you did your villages proud in 2018!

We actually finished in 2nd place, our best ever placing, so really well done to everyone who took part and/or supported us throughout 2018. 


Final results as follows:-

1st          Clenchwarton (46 points)

2nd         GLEAM Team (28 points)

3rd         Downham Market (26 points)

4th=        Terrington St Clement (14)

4th=        Methwold (14 points)

5th          West Walton (8 points)



is the name of the inter village sports competition, replacing the previous 'West Norfolk Village Games'.

2018 Competition. - See results above

The Rural Community Games 2018 Badminton Tournament took place in October at Terrington St Clements High School.

We had an adult GLEAM team who took part consisting of Lydia and Gregg.  This was their first time playing badminton together and they played brilliantly to get us a well-earned second place in the tournament.

Other villages taking part were from Methwold, Terrington, Downham Market and Clenchwarton. 

Sarah Byatt

Village Sports Co-ordinator


TEL: 07913 439222



is to be the name of a new competition to replace the previous 'West Norfolk Village Games'

For 2017 The West Norfolk Community Sports has agreed not to hold a Village Games competition. This is due to the falling number of teams entering.

However, it is proposed to have five actiivities run on five different days throughout the year - either at Lynnsport or at various venues within West Norfolk. In this way it is hoped to bring together rural communities and provide fun and active competition to those who might not take part in a team sport.

A new name will be adopted for the events -

To maintain the element of 'competition' it is proposed that scores will be awarded with an overall winner being announced at the West Norfolk Sports Awards.

(Gayton, Leziate, East Winch, Ashwicken & Midddleton)

Please email or telephone Sarah Byatt - The Village Sports Co-ordinator

Telephone 01553 630993