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Proposed Wellness Resort.

21 August 2020. Update.

From Leziate Parish Council.

Further to our last update, Alpaca Communications have gone ahead and set up an online meeting on the 3rd of September and are sending out a brochure to all parishioners.  The website is https://wickenwater.com/.

Naturally the Parish Council are disappointed that this has been set up before we could hold our Public Meeting but please send through your comments as per the form on their website and attend the online meeting if possible.

Proposed Wellness Resort

You may address any comments about this development to the Parish Council - e-mail only please.

Norfolk Farm Leisure Limited intend to apply for planning permission to construct and operate a Wellness Resort on 80ha of land (including Ashwicken Lake) at the former Wicken Quarry.

The Leziate Parish Council website shows information concerning the proposed Wellness Resort at Ashwicken. The relevant page will be updated by the Clerk to Leziate Parish Council when further information becomes available.             The page on that site may be seen here

The Parish Council of Leziate & Ashwicken has received an EIA Scoping Report for a proposed Wellness Resort at Ashwicken Lake. As this is a significant development, we would welcome your comments regarding the proposal.

What is proposed?

1. Norfolk Farm Leisure Limited intend to apply for planning permission to construct and operate a Wellness Resort on 80ha of land (including Ashwicken Lake) at the former Wicken Quarry (see map on reverse)

2. Construction of,

17 No. two story private houses.

125-135 No. single story accommodation units both static and floating.

25 No. single story tree house accommodation units.

Clubhouse on the water.

The complete document may be downloaded from here

Swimming pool.



Multifunctionl restaurant space.

Boat taxi station for up to 5 water taxi.

Boat house.

Sewage treatment plant.

3 Car parking to accommodate 260 vehicles plus 10 spaces for staff.

4 The entrance to the site is located off East Winch Road indicated on the map with RED arrow

5 The exit from the site is located opposite Wicken Lodge at Glosthorpe Manor indicated on the map with BLUE arrow

The Parish Council would like to hear from you.

You may address any comments about this development to the Parish Council - e-mail only please.

To obtain a copy of the EIA Scoping Report and voice your opinion, please contact:-

Caroline Boyden at leziatepc@outlook.com


See Coronavirus information here -
includes links to Borough Council, NHS and Government web sites offering advice.

Angels of King's Lynn.    

The food collection and drop off point at the bus stop on the A47 had been introduced by the Angels of King's Lynn.

It has been provided to allow people in need at East Winch & West Bilney to help themselves from what may be found at the Bus Stop.
If you are able to drop off donations please do so.

See their website here

The Facebook page is here

The Playground at Town Close remains closed
until further notice.


06 June 2020.

Borough Council virus update.  The Playground at Town Close.

The council is issuing a plea to local residents not to remove signs or tape from play
areas as the Government Guidance is still that they should remain closed.

The Government released restrictions a few weeks ago on football pitches, tennis
courts and multi-use games areas so that people could play sport with people in their
family and one other person.  Now this has been extended to up to six people as long
as social distancing is maintained.  However, the restrictions on play areas with play
equipment, including outdoor gyms and parkour areas, remain.

If anyone notices that a play area has had signs removed please report it to
cleanup@west-norfolk.gov.uk so that signage or locks can be replaced.

Gatherings of people who are not from the same household and not socially distanced should be reported to the police using the 101 non emergency number.


All Meetings have been suspended until further notice.  SEE MORE ABOUT THIS HERE


 as have all CofE churches, as decreed by the Church authorities, for the safety of the public during the current epidemic.

The situation has been updated - May 2020   See latest information


A heart defribrillator has been installed at the Village Hall.
It is mounted on the end wall of the Hall - facing the road.
The yellow box is clearly visible and the defribrillator is available to use as necessary.

Guidance on how to use the machine are displayed on it.
The machine is safe to use & makes a diagnosis as to whether or not it is necessary to 'shock' a patient.
Note that if a patient is conscious, breathing, talking, the defribrillator is not required. Its purpose is to re-start a heart that has stopped beating. If you are unable to discern a heartbeat then use the machine.

HOWEVER, even if you get it wrong, because the machine makes the diagnosis,
you cannot cause harm to a patient when using it.


COMMUNITY TRANSPORT - See up to date information here


Note that on the 1 December 2018 the following Public Spaces Protection Order came into force.

The Public Spaces Protection Order (Control of Dogs) - (Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk) 2018

The effect is that dogs are banned from the Playground at Town Close - throughout the year      See more about this here


Highways England have asked for the views of the Parish Council on having a controlled or uncontrolled crossing on the A47 and where it should be located. look here

Information about various planning applications currently active within our villages have been moved to a new page - see here