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Household hazardous waste


19 & 20 OCTOBER 2019:  9am - 4pm at the Saddlebow recycling centre.

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The 2019 / 2020 calendar for East Winch/West Bilney is as shown here

If your collection is missed report it online before midday on the next working day using the online form or
telephone 01553 776676

Ideas for reducing waste


If you have difficulty in getting your wheelie bin to the kerbside and could do with some help - try the Borough Council. Tel 01553 782060 or
You will be contacted by a team member to discuss your needs; arrangements can be made to collect and return your bins on the scheduled day for emptying.

For information about the disposal of HAZARDOUS WASTE, LARGE ITEMS, FURNITURE, ELECTRICAL ITEMS AND TRADE WASTE and other things not mentioned on this page look here and click on Item 11 in the contents box.


Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council       Telephone: 01553 616 200


Web:       Borough Council website

      Re-cycle for Norfolk - Norfolk Recycles , is the public-facing brand of the Norfolk Waste Partnership (NWP); a partnership of Norfolk’s County, District, Borough and City councils working together to improve waste and recycling services for Norfolk’s residents and visitors.

Lining your food waste bin

Note that since July 2017

there is no longer a requirement to use compostable food waste caddy liners.

However,  it is important that food waste is wrapped or placed in a bag when putting it into the outdoor bin; this helps to prevent food waste from sticking to the bin and keeps the bin cleaner.

Bins that contain food waste that has not been wrapped or placed in a bag may not be emptied by the collection crews.

You may use any of the following to put your food waste in or to line your bin:

  • plastic carrier bags
  • old fruit or vegetable bags
  • cereal box liners
  • any polythene bags
  • newspaper
  • or you can continue to use any compostable bags you may have.


Each household has been provided with a 'Food Waste' bin - to be emptied each week, and a 'Kitchen Caddy'. It is intended that these be used as shown below -

The 7-litre kitchen caddy.
Use this to collect all your kitchen food waste, cooked or uncooked, including peelings, left overs, meat and dairy products and even bones.  The caddy can by lined if you wish. 

The 23-litre outside food waste bin will be emptied each week.
Empty your kitchen caddy into this, or use it to put your food waste directly into.
It is important that food waste is wrapped or placed in a bag when putting it into the outdoor bin; this helps to prevent food waste from sticking to the bin and keeps the bin cleaner.
There is no longer a need to use compostable bags.


Here’s a summary of the main items which may be put into your recycling bin:

  • newspapers, magazines and telephone directories
  • paper & clean cardboard
  • plastic bottles (such as drinks, detergent, shampoo and plastic milk bottles - please leave the lids on)
  • steel and aluminium food and drinks cans
  • empty aerosols
  • glass bottles and jars (leave the tops on)
  • rigid plastics -  food pots, tubs and trays eg. yoghurt pots, ice cream containers margarine tubs, Ready meal tray: note now includes Black food trays),  cleaning products, trigger sprays.
  • waxed cartons and tetra paks (such as those used for juices and soups)
  • foil and foil trays (clean)
  • shredded paper
  • envelopes (including window type), greetings cards and junk mail
  • wrapping paper
And here are some items which may not be put in your recycling bin:
  • plastic/carrier bags
  • glass such as drinking glasses, Pyrex ware, and broken window panes
  • textiles
  • food waste (please put this in your food bin)
  • garden waste (this can be collected via the brown bin scheme)
  • batteries
  • books
  • general household waste
  • bagged waste
  • light bulbs
  • polystyrene

For further information about the Borough Council waste and re-cycling arrangements go to the website here 


Use for general waste; the material collected is sent to Holland to be processed and incinerated. Food waste should go into the food caddy & garden waste in the brown bin. Recyclable material should be placed in the green bin.

NOTE that
  • black bins must be closed when placed out for collection
  • overflowing bins and side waste will not be collected


The Garden Waste service is chargeable - about £50 per year. There are 25 fortnightly collections - one is omitted at Christmas each year. Contact the Borough Council directly to join the service.

Use for:- Hedge Clippings - twigs & small bracken - cut flowers - leaves - shrub prunings - grass cuttings - vegetable waste from the garden - garden windfalls - shredded paper

The bin should be put out between 7pm on the evening before and 7am on the morning of the collection.
If your collection is missed report it online before midday on the next working day. Use the same address to order an additional bin if required.

Garden waste may also be disposed of at the Willows re-cycling centre at Saddlebow.


With effect from 1st. April 2018 new charges will be made at Saddlebow Recycling Centre for the disposal of DIY waste. See here
and select item 11 in the Contents list on the left of the page.


The re-cycling centre at Saddlebow is open every day, except Christmas Day, Boxing day and New Year's Day, between 9am and 4pm October to March, and 9am and 6pm April to September.
See here for what you may, or may not, take to the recycling centre at Saddlebow.
The complete A - Z list is here

Large, bulky items may be disposed of by making special arrangements with the Borough Council - though there are some restrictions - see the website or telephone 01553 776676

For just £30.30 we will collect and dispose of, up to three unwanted, large items from your home. There is no limit to the number of items you can dispose of, with each additional item being charged at £10.25 each.

For further information about the Borough Council waste and re-cycling arrangements go to the website here


Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council

Telephone: 01553 616 200


Web:       Borough Council website


Household hazardous waste AMNESTY

The County Council annual Hazardous Waste amnesty will be on
Saturday 19th October and Sunday 20th October 2019 - between
9am and 4pm at the Saddlebow Recycling Centre.

This is a chance to dispose of hazardous items that cannot be disposed of in the wheelie bins and which are not normally accepted at Saddlebow. - See below.

Note that there are similar events at other recycling centres in the county on different dates to those at King's Lynn. Look here for details

Items accepted during household hazardous waste days

  • Aerosols – full or part-full
  • Car chemicals such as anti-freeze
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Garden pesticides and fertilizers – both liquid and powder form
  • Household chemicals and cleansers – both liquid and powder form. eg carpet cleaner, furniture polish, old bottles of bleach etc
  • Paint – including water-based and solvent-based paint
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Wood preservatives, treatments and varnishes

Items not accepted during household hazardous waste days

  • Ammunition, explosives or marine flares
  • Asbestos
  • Commercial (or business, or trade) hazardous waste
  • Fireworks
  • Gas canisters (full or part-full)
  • Petrol, diesel or any other fuel

What to expect when visiting household hazardous waste days and some tips for your visit

  • Keep all products in their original containers
  • Make sure that all products are properly sealed or bagged to avoid leakage when you transport them
  • Any empty or dried out paint tins can be disposed of in your bin at home or scrap metal bins at recycling centres (if metal)
  • These events are very popular so there are likely to be queues when you visit the recycling centre.  Please be patient with our recycling team and other site users.  Typically first thing it is very busy so we recommend coming later in the day.



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