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December 14 2017
West Bilney Wood (AoS D) has been deleted from the Development Plan.

Norfolk County Council: proposed silica sand investigation.

A hearing was held before a government inspector was held on 15th and 16th March 2017. The decision of the inspector is not yet known.

(December 2017: the Inspectors Report and the adoption of that report by the County Council is now complete - See the latest information)

The information about the planned extension to the Grandcourt quarry at East Winch, and the proposals to investigate silica sand deposits at West Bilney wood (AOS D) are now shown on separate pages.

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Grandcourt Quarry    or   West Bilney Wood

January 2017

Sibelco, Kings Lynn Quarry Community Liaison Committee

Meeting held Thursday 15th December 2016.

(Notes that were taken at the meeting are shown below for information).

Norfolk County Council Silica Sand Review:

Areas of Search (AOS) included in the County Council consultation.

One preferred site had been put forward by Sibelco; all others put forward by NCC based on old geological maps.

Sibelco were asked about the

West Bilney Area of search. (AOS 'D')
December 2017: the Inspectors Report and the adoption of that report by the County Council is now complete.
 See the latest information

  • Until response from inspector Sibelco have no interest.**
  • Sibelco have not drilled the area so have no knowledge as to the quality or quantities of any sand.
  • Sibelco have concerns as to the shape of the designated area of search.
  • Before considering the site Sibelco would want to know who owns the land. Currently they are not aware if the land is under single or multiple ownership; multi ownership can present a problem.
  • The size of the potential area is important as to develop the quarry requires a very large area.
  • Volume of overburden linked to depth of winnable deposit.
  • Dealing with water.
  • Archeological information would be taken into consideration.
  • Any sites of Sites of Scientific interest would be a concerning factor.
  • Transfer of sand to the operational site would be an early consideration.

** Norfolk County Council has now forwarded all documents with the proposals for the next few years to the Planning Inspectorate (on behalf of the Secretary of State) for consideration.

Grandcourt Quarry- Proposed extension.
  • Sibelco plan to make the application in Jan 2017, this will be accompanied by a leaflet drop to houses in the village.
  • If consented quarrying will take 4 years to complete with restoration of the area being completed in 6 years.