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East Winch Parish Council

Minute Number 2/20

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 13 February 2020

Attendance - Parish Councillors : Mrs N Steele, Mr K Harrod, Mr N Velzeboer, Mr M Place
and Mr D Wright.

Apologies - Mr A Yarham.

In attendance – Mr R Pannell (Clerk).

01 The Chair opened the meeting at 7.30 pm and welcomed all those in attendance.

02 There were no declarations of interest from members present.

03 Planning Applications.

19/01962/F – Proposed Barn Conversion – Church Farm Barn, Main Road, West Bilney.
After discussions Council felt that there were No Comments to make.

20/00081/F – Erection of 1.5 storey side and rear extensions – Tanglewood, Main Road, West Bllney.
After discussions Council agreed that there were No Objections to the application.

04 Urgent AOB Matters

Following cheques were approved for payment
Chq No 100296 – East Winch Village Hall.                                     £228.00
(2020 full meetings and 2019 special meetings)

Chq No 100297 – Clerks Salary and expenses (Jan 2020)            £249.24
Chq No 100298 – Westcotec Street light maintenance.                 £36.16
(Dec 19 and Jan 20)

Chq No 100299 – BCKLWN Dog waste collections.                       £646.46
(26/2/19 to 28/2/20)

Complaints have been received from parishioners about the failure of buses to stop at the request position at the Gayton Road junction. There appears to be no “Bus Stop” sign there since the recent damage to the shelter. Council agreed that the Clerk should make a formal complaint to the EasternCounties Bus Company of the failure of bus drivers to stop and requesting both a bus stop sign and a new timetable.

Councillor David Wright has decided to resign from the Council as he no longer felt able to continue.
The Chair thanked David for the significant contribution that he had made to the workings of the Council and for his practical work in the village. Council members concurred with these comments.

05 Date of next meeting – Monday 2 March 2020 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm

There being no other business the Chair thanked all for attendance and closed the meeting at 7.58 pm

Clerk to the Council
Mr R Pannell
21 Baldwin Road
King’s Lynn
01553 775724

East Winch Parish Council.

Minute Number 1/20


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 2 January 2020

Attendance - Parish Councillors : Mrs N Steele Mr M Place, Mr A Yarham and Mr D Wright

Apologies –Parish Councillors Mr K Harrod, Mr N Velzeboer and Boro. Cllr C Manning

In attendance – Mr R Pannell (Clerk) and 2 Parishioners


01 The Chair opened the meeting at 7.30 pm and welcomed all those in attendance.


02 There were no declarations of interest from members present


03 The Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 4, Wednesday 20 November

and Wednesday 11 December 2019 were approved as a true record and signed by the Chair


04 Matters arising from the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 4, Wednesday 20 November and Wednesday 11 December 2019

Defibrillator – The Chair reported that the defibrillator had now been installed

Village Sports Coordinator and Village Games Chair to report at next meeting

Speed Monitoring Team – Chair reported that training has been delayed through not being able to agree a date. She would make contact with Michael Stent

Advertise for candidates to co-opt as Councillors – Clerk asked to change the notice to see if it would attract anyone. Agreed.

Rangers clearance of grill along Station Terrace. Council felt the Rangers should always be asked to clear when on their visits.

East Winch Common Rights – Chair will put an article in the magazine to draw attention to the available information


05 10 Minute Open Forum for Parishioners

The Chair invited the Webmaster to update Council on the current situation of the website, which had been set up some 10 years ago as part of the Community Project. He felt that he was working in isolation and that the ownership of the site should come under the Parish Council. The current cost for a license with Google is £35pa and has just been paid for the next three years. He was concerned that the site operating system was likely to change within the foreseeable future and would become more expensive and less user friendly. Council agreed that it was an excellent facility for the village and should support it fully. He was also concerned about a successor and, although not actively looking to hand over the at the moment, felt that should an opportunity come along to pass control on it should be done. Council thanked the Webmaster most sincerely for the work he was doing and for bringing attention to the current position


06 Reports and information from County and Borough Council

The Chair made mention of the fact that there was no report from the County Councillor and that he had only made two visits to the parish since he took office some four years ago.

The Chair then read out the e–mail apology and report from Cllr Colin Manning, a copy of which is attached to these minutes.


07 A47 Developments re speed reduction and crossing improvements – The Clerk reported that he had been advised by Highways England that this work would start early in the new year. He understood that all Parishioners would receive information by letter of the plans.


08 Village Hall – Nothing to report


09 Playing Field

Friends of East Winch and West Bilney update if possible. No report available.


10 Risk Assessment Inspection – Keith Harrod had volunteered to do the January/February 2020 Inspection


11 Silica Sand – Nothing to report


12 Planning Matters

19/02186/F - Variation of condition 2 (17/00450/F) and condition 6 (15/01793/OM) Land south of Wilson Drive and east of The Laurels, Gayton Road, East Winch. After seeing the papers and discussing the position Council agreed that a No Comment should be made.


13 Highway matters

Bus Shelter – The Clerk had been in communication with the builder with reference to the window. The builder had agreed to fit it this weekend

Vandalism of telephone kiosk – This Kiosk has now been restored and is available to use as before.

Costs for path to the post office - Chair would write again to Cllr Middleton requesting help to obtain information

Broken post on TROD – Despite all the promises that this work would be done by Highways it still remains unfinished. Cllr Manning be asked to follow it up by the Clerk.

Slow sign on Paws Lane – The Chair was very concerned with the decision by County Highways for the safety of the residents of houses involved and asked the Clerk to advise County of her concerns


14 Correspondence received since last meeting

Highways England response to street lighting on A47

Borough Council Notice ref VR and VJ contributions to celerations

Borough Council Postal Voting and Election notices

Rewilding Project notice

Planning approval notice for Blackborough End Landfill site

Police inspectors SNAP Meetings

Rural Bulletin Election special, 19/11, 26/11, 3/12, 10/12 and 17/12

Paws Lane Slow Sign information

Climate Change ref tree planting from Borough Council

Police Newsletter Nov and Dec 2019

Temporary Closure of East Winch Road

ALC Bulletin 27/11

Borough Council Mayor “goes greener” notice

West Norfolk Service Directory

West Norfolk Early Help Bulletin

Change of speed limit from 50 to 40mph on A47 update

NHS Volunteers required notice

NHS Winter Briefing


16 Street lighting matters

A47 Street Lighting – The Clerk reported that he had received no further information since the last report. Cllrs Alan Yarham and Mel Place asked when the A47 lights out position would be resolved.

The Clerk was asked to contact Highways England to try and get dates as there were at least two places where there were clusters of lights out. Clerk to report light out opposite 3 Station Road


17 Finance

Finances to 31 December 2019 – Were approved and signed by the Chair. Copy with these minutes.

Approve payments

Chq No 100293 – R Bland Village Cleaning etc £60.00

Chq No 100294 – R Pannell Clerks sal/exp (November 2019) £268.65

Chq No 100295 – R Pannell Clerks sal/exp (December 2019) £276.83

Authorization to pay Clerks tax to HMRC (Oct/Nov/Dec 2019) £167.40

Setting the Precept

Council discussed this matter in depth. Consideration was given to the Pathway to the post office, the Play Area and possible larger play area and the repair to the church perimeter wall. Whilst no firm plans are in place Council considered that the expected carry forward figure into the 2020/21 year of some £11500 should be maintained for the year ahead and settled to maintain the current level of Precept at £12500 for year 2020/21.

18 Any Other Business

Presentation on Free Home Fire Risk Checks and Smoke Detectors to be arranged. Clerk to arrange when possible.

Japanese Knotweed – The Chair had written to Highways England regarding an area of the highway where knotweed was growing and they have agreed to spray the area in the spring. Keep under review.

19 Date of next meeting – Monday 2 March 2020 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm


There being no other business the Chair thanked all for attendance and closed the meeting at 9.20 pm

Clerk to the Council

 Mr R Pannell

21 Baldwin Road

King’s Lynn

01553 775724