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East Winch Parish Council

Minute Number 1/18    

             Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 8 January 2018

Attendance - Parish Councillors :- Mrs N Steele, Mr K Harrod, Mr N Velzeboer,

                                                        Mr M Place and Mr  Wright                                                                                                                                                                      

Apologies – Parish Councillor :- Mrs S Davison, Mr A Yarham and Mr Wilson

In  attendance :- Cllr J Moriarty, Clerk, Mr R Pannell and 3 Parishioners


01  The Chair opened the meeting at 7.32 pm and welcomed all those in attendance.


02  Declarations of Interests

      The Chair reminded Councillors to advise the Clerk if they should need to declare an interest.


03  Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 6 November and 27 November 2017.

      were approved as a true record and signed by the Chair.


04  Matters arising from the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 6 November and

      27 November 2017.

      Red Telephone Kiosk –  The Clerk read Mrs Davison report which indicated that using the Kiosk for

      a book swap use was unsuitable due to its location. Council also noted the contact she had with the

      parishioner who made the suggestion and that the lady concern was interested in helping the Council

      with project work.

      Merits of a defibrillator at the village hall – Clerk reported that Pentney Council had made the decision  

      to use the Telephone Kiosk to house a Defibrillator. Discussions were now under way with a supplier

      and that they were looking for funding through the National Lottery. It was anticipated that it would be

      several months before the Lottery Grant outcome was known. After discussion Mr Harrod agreed to

      do some research to establish answers to questions raised and report back.

      Railing issues at A 47 and Gayton Road junction – Chair allowed discussion on the recent Highways

      England road improvement scheme at this item. A parishioner had written to the Council requesting that

      his letter be forwarded to Highways England requesting answers to several questions. Council agreed to

      this but stated that it would make its own comments known at the appropriate time and would simply

      pass the letter on without comment. The Chair reminded all present that Cllr Middleton had agreed to

      fund the repair to the Railings and had the work put into the County Council plans. Clerk would contact

      Cllr Middleton outlining the current position and seek a progress report from him on the railing.

      Mr Place commented that Council should wait for answers before taking any further action. Was agreed.

      Shrubs overgrowing pathway at Wilcon – Clerk has requested assistance from the Ranger Team but

      has no further information at this time.


05  10 Minute Open Forum for Parishioners (Nothing reported)


06  Reports and information from County and Borough Councillors

Cllr Moriarty updated Council on progress regarding the Boundary Review for King’s Lynn and West Norfolk and that the consultation period ends on 15 January 2018. He will keep under review.

Regarding changes to the Borough Planning Application procedures he gave his apologies for the poor manner in which this had been communicated and for the lack of consideration by the Borough.

He urged Council to have a matter “called in” to him as soon as they felt that there was a possible conflict so that there was an access to the Planning Committee.    


07  Village Hall – Nothing to report


08   Playing Field

       Grass cutting - Mr Harrod  reported that the Borough had cut the grass 6 times during 2017 and

       had established that the Council did not expect it to change during this year. He had made enquiries

       regarding having a contractor cut in between the Council cuts at a cost of £80/cut. Council agreed that

       this was a sound strategy and asked him to make the arrangements. Council asked the Clerk to make

       financial provision to do so.


09   Risk Assessment Inspection – Mr Harrod volunteered  to do the  January/February 2018 inspection


10  Silica Sand – Norfolk Minerals Site Specific Allocations decision

      Council noted that the plan had been adopted. Cllr Moriarty indicated that the Planning Application for

      the MIN40 development could be expected in the near future from discussions he had received from



11   Planning Matters

       Chair reported that there had been no response to her letter to the Developers of the new development at   

       the A47 end of  Station Road. She agreed to write again and copy Borough Planning into the



12   Highway matters

       Speed Signs along Common Road – There has been no action to date.

       The water collection at the entrance to Common Road from the A47 had been caused by blockages to

       the drainage system between the East Winch Charities allotments and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust land.

       Mr Harrod, on behalf of East Winch Charities, thanked Wilsons Farms for the extensive help they had

       given in resolving the problem and the help of Mr Yarham. Further cutting back and clearance issues   

       still need to be resolved but the immediate problem is under control

       Mr Wright suggested that restoration work be planned for certain footpaths.  Council asked that he

       provide details for a discussion to be held at the next meeting.

       During a private meeting to discuss projects which might be included in the Precept request, the issue of

       a path to the Post Office  was considered. As a result of this the Clerk was asked to arrange a meeting

       with Andrew Wallace of Highways to get a professional view on the feasibility of doing so and

       associated costs.


13   Correspondence received since last meeting

       Norfolk ALC Newsletters 7/11, 14/11, 16/11, 23/11, 29/11 and 13/12

       Norfolk ALC AGM Papers

       Community Action Newsletter

       Police Newsletter (November and December 17)

       UK Power Network – help information in the event of a Power Cut

       Tesco Bags of Help Funding

       Various updates on A47 road works

       Norfolk Voice November 17

       King’s Lynn - Hunstanton Railway Project Open Day

       External Auditor Appointment

       Came and Co Insurance Matters Christmas Greetings

       Christmas Greetings from the Mayoir of King’s Lynn

       Grants and other funding sources

       Norfolk County Council Budget Consultation

       Silica Sand Review – Notice of Adoption


14  Street lighting matters – Nothing to report

15   Finance

       Council approved payments following

       December Cheques

       Chq No 100216 – Mr Bland maintenance work to December 17                                 £  60.00                            

       Chq No 100217 – Clerks Salary / Exp (November 2017)                                            £ 251.26

       Chq No 100218 – Clerks Salary / Exp (December 2017)                                            £  231.34

       Authorisation  of Clerk’s PAYE Tax On Line Payment (Oct/Nov/Dec 17)                 £  154.20    


       Financial position 31 December 2017 Report presented to Councillors who approved and a copy kept

       with the Minute Book


       Precept  for 2018/2019 – Council discussed the draft proposals presented by the Clerk. After ensuring

       that provision had been allowed for Playing Field grass cutting, exploration costs into a path to the Post

       Office and donations provision Council agreed that the Precept request be held at last year’s figure of

       £12500. This also reflected their concerns that parishioners should not incur increases in household



16   Any Other Business     

       Defer presentation on Free Home Fire Risk Checks and Smoke Detectors

       Council confirmed meeting dates for 2018 as

       Monday  5 March

       Thursday 10 May

       Monday 25 June

       Monday 3 September

       Monday 5 November         


17   Date of next meeting Monday 5 March 2018  at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm

There being no other business the Chair thanked all for attendance and closed the meeting at 9.10pm