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East Winch Parish Council.

Minute Number 1/19

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 7 January 2019

Attendance - Parish Councillors :- Mrs N Steele,  Mr K Harrod,  Mr M Place, Mrs S Davison,
Mr N Velzeboer, Mr D Wright, Mr A Yarham and Mrs L Papworth 

In attendance -  Cllr J Moriarty, Mr R Pannell (Clerk) and 3 parishioners

01  The Chair opened the meeting at 7.32 pm and welcomed all those in attendance.

      The Chair requested Councillors to pay their respects with a moment of silence to past

      Councillor Mr A Wilson, who sadly  passed away on Christmas Day.


02  Declarations of Interests

      The Chair reminded Councillors to advise the Clerk if they should need to declare an interest.

03  The Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 5 November, 26 November 

      and 17 December 2018 were approved as a true record and signed by the Chair


04  Matters arising from the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 5 November, 26 November 

       and 17 December 2018 

       Defibrillator – The Chair advised Council that the Animal Centre had agreement, in principle, to financially support the project of installing the equipment at the village hall. She would continue to  to work with the Centre on the final details.

       Salt Bin – Clerk reported that he required assistance from Mr Wright in providing details of the Parishioner who had agreed to help look after the bin. Mr Wright agreed to do this.   

       Railings and A47 Road Crossing at Gayton Road Junction – Clerk to write to Highways England indicating the dangerous situation of the railings on the A47. Mr Harrod to provide photographs.

       Village Sports Coordinator – Samanda Davison reported that she was waiting on Sarah Byatt to respond.

       Dykes and hedges along Station Terrace – David Wright was waiting for contact to be made from Cllr Middleton and Andrew Wallace to discuss on site.


05 10 Minute Open Forum for Parishioners

     Parishioner advised Council that the Neighbourhood Watch scheme was well established but may require financial help to purchase two more signs. Council agreed to this.


06  Reports and information from County and Borough Councillors

      Cllr Moriarty had nothing to report on this occasion.


07  Village Hall – Nothing to report


08  Playing Field

      Update on recent investigations - Mrs Papworth had now received reports from Playdale which she had distributed to Councillors. In outline is was a two phased programme, phase one costing some £12737 and phase two £4970. They had provided details of how and from whom financial assistance may be available. Council agreed that the first priority was  to obtain approval from the Borough Council on the suggested equipment and Mrs Papworth would arrange this. Second would be to access the likely number of users before commencing on seeking financial help from sponsors.

09  Risk Assessment Inspection – Volunteer required to report on January/February 2019 Inspection.

Mr Harrod agreed to do this


10   Silica Sand  - Nothing to report


11   Planning Matters

       18/01965/F – Amendment to plans of 7 November 2018 (Council approved this original version) - Proposed rear extension at Homelands, 5 Gayton Road, East Winch

       Cllr Moriarty advised Council that this application was likely to be refused by the Planners again as they considered it an invasive development on the neighbouring property. Council then considered  the application. Having already had No Objections to the original application Council could see no reason to change their opinion. Clerk to advise accordingly.


12   Highway matters

       Bus Shelter – Clerk was still waiting for a response to his application for settlement from the insurers.

       Broken post on TROD – Clerk advised by Highways that this would be done by Christmas.

       As nothing seemed to have been done the Clerk was asked to contact Highways again.

       Costs for path to the post office – Details still to be advised


13   Correspondence received since last meeting

       Norfolk ALC Newsletters 4/10 and 11/10

       Police Newsletter (October 2018)

       Completed Rangers work

       NHS Services in West Norfolk and Breckland

       Parishioners e-mail on Defibrillator

       Scam Mail

       New Property Address – Thistledo, Walton Road

       Love West Norfolk

       Consultation PSPO Control of Dogs

       West Norfolk Early Help Bulletin

       Norfolk Children’s Centres Consultation

       Children’s Activities October Half Term

       ALC Bulletin January 2019

       Norwich Western Link Consultation

       Rural Services Network

       Early Help Bulletin January 2019

       Early Help Service Directory


14  Street lighting matters

      Awaiting response from E-On re reduction of charges for the remaining new lights along Gayton Road.


15   Finance

       To approve accounts and payments for 31 December 2018

       Council approved the following October Cheques

       Chq No 100253 – Mr Bland cleaning bus shelter,telephone kiosk etc              £  60.00

       Chq No 100254 – Clerks Salary / Exp  (Oct 2018)                                            £277.39

       Authorization for Clerk to make direct payment to HM Revenue and Customs

       For Clerks Tax.                                                                                                   £167.40 


       Financial position 31 December 2018 – Council approved these and copy included with these minutes

       Precept for 2019/20 – After discussions Council agreed and approved the Clerk’s budget for 2019/20 and set the Precept at £12,500

16   Any Other Business     

       Presentation on Free Home Fire Risk Checks and Smoke Detectors to a date to be agreed. Council agreed that a date should be set for April/May when the evenings were lighter and warmer. Clerk to arrange.

Recognition of Service to the Village by the local postman - Council agreed that a suitably worded Citation Certificate be produced in recognition. Mrs Davison to arrange.

       Item for next meeting – The road signage on which Gayton Road Fisheries is based is misleading.

17   Date of next meeting  Monday 4 March 2019  at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm

 There being no other business the Chair thanked all for attendance and closed the meeting at 8.48 pm

Clerk to the Council

Mr R Pannell 21 Baldwin Road

Kings Lynn 

01553 775724