Chairman's Page

East Winch Parish Council additional meeting 10th April 2019.

The council met to discuss 3 items: to approve buying a bench for the playground; to consider what to say in our response to the Borough Council’s consultation on future housing planning, and to see how far we had got with a Speedwatch team.

After much discussion, not all of it amicable, it was decided that a table and benches were preferable to merely a bench, even though the Borough Council Officer had advised against having a table. The clerk is to order an agreed model unless this is vetoed by the WNBC.

The chairman outlined the main factors in the Consultation paper which she thought would have most impact locally, far and away the most important being the likely additional congestion on the A47 and A10 arising from a development of 2,625 houses between N. Runcton and West Winch. Although there is an ‘relief road’ planned between the A10 and A47 between Middleton
and the Hardwick roundabout, she didn’t think it would do much at all to relieve congestion.

The Borough Council says it ‘prioritises’ the building of bypasses on the A10 nd A47, but the decision is out of their hands: these are matters for Highways England and NCC.
Since the Council hopes to have the majority of planned housing built by 2023, even if it can influence decisions on the bypasses, there will be real congestion problems for years.

We have had an encouraging initial response to our call for Speedwatch volunteers, but we need a few more. Meanwhile, the chairman is to find out how to put training in motion. The website, gives more information.

The next meeting, including the annual Parish Assembly, is on Thursday 9th May at 7pm.

East Winch Parish Council meeting 4.3.19.

The meeting was attended by Cllr Jim Moriarty; his last visit to this parish as in May we will be joining a new ward - 'Gayton and Grimston'. He was heartily thanked, having been an extremely helpful Borough Councillor for many years.

Several matters concerned Station Rd. Last year the dyke round Station Terrace flooded, and the fear is that unless it is cleared regularly, there may be floods again. The consensus of the Parish councillors was that the dyke is the responsibility of the householders in the Terrace, while clearing the grid is undertaken by NCC Highways. We have since learned from Highways suggesting that every time the Rangers are in the area we should ask them to checkthe grid. It was also stated that the grid should not get blocked from the bottom, as it was designed to force all rubbish to the top.

The council had complained to Highways that the broken post by the Village Hall had still not been attended to, with the consequence that the trod had been destroyed by traffic at that point. We have since heard from Highways that repair will be a priority - whatever that means!

A parishioner complained that cars have been speeding down Station Rd. There seems little we can do unless a Speedwatch team of 6 volunteers can be raised.
Other Highway matters. A parishioner had complained that road signs at Rae’s Farm implied that the Parish Boundary was there, which was misleading. The clerk will contact the Borough Council about moving them.

The Clerk had contacted Highways England to bring the dangerous state of the railings at the Old Maid’s Head to their attention. Shortly after the meeting, an email was received promising that the railings would be mended as part of a road safety scheme - but not until 2020-21.

Draft Local Plan.
Cllr Moriarty told the meeting that West Norfolk’s Draft Local Plan had
been issued (at the time of the meeting we had had no notification) and concerned planning for future housing, in accordance with government requirements. The consultation is supposed to last for 36 days, which means that by the end of March it will be nearly over.
Cllr Moriarty pointed out that the phrase ‘at least’ should be commented on, because it allows the council to approve planning permission for more houses than the original plan had required, for example, ‘at least 5 houses’ could be 10 houses when built.
See the plan online

Elections on 2nd May. There is 1 candidate for West Bilney and 7 for East Winch. Most councillors wish to stand again. All paperwork has to be with the Borough Council by 3rd April, so anyone wishing to be a parish councillor should contact the clerk immediately.

The next meeting is on Thursday, 9th May at 7pm, when the Parish Assembly will be held.

The usual Council meeting will be held after that. Please note change of weekday and time!