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East Winch Parish Council meeting 6.11.17.

The meeting was attended by our Borough and County Councillors: Mr Moriarty and Mr

It was reported that the bench outside Adrian Flux has been mended. More importantly funding for the repair of the railings outside the Old Maids Head has been found from Cllr Middleton’s Highways budget, and the work is in the Highways schedule. The budget doesn’t cover putting in a dropped kerb for wheelchair users, but Cllr Middleton said he would back the Parish Council if they were to request this.
The state of the bushes along the path outside Wilson Homes was discussed, and the Clerk will ask the Highways Rangers to cut them back.
The proposed installing of a defibrillator in the village Hall is to be postponed while we see how Pentney Parish Council, which also intends to install a defibrillator, gets on.
Cllr Moriarty said the Borough Council had come to its final decision about how to reorganise parishes so as to reduce the number of Borough Councillors. The proposal for East Winch has changed, and now it is included in a large group with Grimston and Gayton, and 2 councillors. The Parish Council was dubious about the effectiveness of this proposal, but Cllr Moriarty said there would be further opportunities for consultation.
At the next meeting in January, the Council will have to decide whether or not to increase its precept for the coming year. This will depend on whether any projects are planned. If, fo example, we decide to put in a trod to the Post Office, we will only be able to pay for a section, even with an increased precept, and there will be parts of the road where it will be difficult to put in any sort of path.
The next meeting will be on Monday, 8th January, at 7.30.

NOTE: There will be an additional meeting on Monday 27th. November at the Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm. The Agenda may be seen here
The meeting is to discuss a planning application.

East Winch Parish Council meeting 4.9.17.

David Wright was co-opted as councillor. Keith Harrod reported that the Village Hall Trustees had approved the idea of keeping a defibrillator at the hall. Now the clerk is to look into the cost of obtaining a defibrillator and training volunteers. Borough Councillor Jim Moriarty said his parish had obtained one for free.

Our newish NCC Councillor, Graham Middleton, apologised for having been unable to attend an earlier meeting. He said that the railings by the Old Maid’s Head were the responsibility of Highways England; talks were ongoing between them and NCC Highways but he did not think Highways England considered the matter to be a priority. NCC Highways will take responsibility if there is no action from Highways England. A member of the public emphasised how dangerous the railings were, and that just removing them would not be the answer.

Cllr Moriarty told the meeting that the Borough Council had just reported on the study aimed at reducing the number of councillors and redrawing the ward boundaries so that each ward had approximately the same population. The present proposal is that East Winch and West Bilney join with Gayton , while Castle Acre, currently in our ward, would join with Gt Massingham instead. There will be a further consultation later.

The clerk reported that at a site meeting on Common Rd outside West Bilney hall, Mr Wallace of NCC Highways had said that there was no possibility of installing traffic calming measures or a speed limit, but he would be prepared to have SLOW signs on the road and the verges.

The clerk is making enquiries about who is responsible for cutting back the vegetation along Gayton Road - outside Wilson Drive.


East Winch Parish Council meeting 26.6.17.

A use for the telephone box is still being debated. Mrs Davison, who had thought it could be used to house a unit to charge electric cars, reported that we might be able to get a charging unit from a non-profit making organisation, Tessler. She will investigate further.

Mrs Steele thought the council had abandoned the idea of putting a defibrillator in the kiosk too soon - although the village isn't far from the hospital, it could take long enough for an ambulance to get here to make the difference between life and death. Councillors thought the defibrillator might better be kept at the village hall, and Keith Harrod will ask the trustees what they think.

The replacement notice board is now up in the village hall car park.

There is no concrete news about fixing the railings by the Old Maid's Head, but the clerk believed that pressure is building up t get them repaired. Mrs Steele observed that the weeds on the corner are bad, and it was agreed the Juliette Banwell be asked to spray them.

A resident of Common Rd, West Bilney complained in Open Forum about the speed at which some cars drove past, well over 60mph, causing danger to children and pets. It was not obvious to drivers that there are several unseen houses with driveways opening into Common Rd. The clerk has written to Highways for advice.

There were no reports from NCC, but Jim Moriarty, our Borough Councillor, said that food waste will now be treated in an anaerobic digestor, so it was no longer necessary to use bio degradable plastic bags. Ordinary ones, or newspaper, would do just as well.

On behalf of NCC, he reported that the Inspector had advised the council to remove the Bilney area from the possible area of search. Good news, certainly, but not the end of the story, as the Council will now have to hold another Public Consultation because of the change in the plan.

Mr Harrod reported that he continues to monitor the Borough Council's care of the playground. It had been like a hayfield, but just the day before the Council had cut it, for the 3rd time in a year. They hadn't cleared away the mown grass. Dry hay is a fire hazard. The Parish Council are likely to take over the care of the playground next year.
The seat outside Adrian Flux had been hit by a mower, pushing the concrete legs away from the base. Flux said, 6 weeks ago, that they would get their handyman to have a look. Nothing has been heard since then. Trod posts in Station Rd are mostly ok, though one is bent over, and one cracked.

Concern was voiced that the vehicles working at the old Queensway petrol station were using the Coach Drive to access the site and not the proper entrance. Also,the hedges had been removed and not cut down. To be monitored.

Next meeting: Monday, 4th September, 7.30.

Our beautiful telephone box.

Do pause to admire our telephone box. Mr Bland cut back the hedges, cleared the ground, painted the box, and planted flowers. It looked wonderful in spring, with  daffodils all around, and once again is surrounded by bright flowers.

Purfleet Trust.
Can you help?

Volunteers are needed to help at a winter night shelter for the homeless to be set up at the Purfleet Trust 2 nights per week, hopefully for this winter. The idea is that there will be 2 shifts per night, one evening to the early hours and the other after that till breakfast. For more information, ring 07949 964932.

May 2017.
See the Chairman's Annual Report for 2016 - 2017 here

March 2017.

East Winch Parish Council, 6.3.17

The Parish Council is thinking of encouraging production of a Neighbourhood Plan which,
if accepted by the Borough Council, will give it more control over planning, and possibly
more revenue too.

Alex Fradley and Felix Bick from the Borough Council spoke to councillors and the public
about what it would involve. The plan would most likely cover the boundary of the parish.
Questionnaires should be used to collect data - not necessarily on the same topics as the
questionnaire sent round East Winch about 4 years ago. Mr Fradley advised that the
committee driving the preparation should be composed of people who are not, in the
main, parish councillors.
The time scale for preparation and acceptance of a plan is usually at least 2 years. Advice is available online and from the Borough Council, andfunding is available. Councillors need to consider the information before taking this further.

Mrs Davison has been asking villagers what they would like the phone box to be used for.
She reported that there wasn't much interest in using it as an information point, but that
some people thought it would be a good place to keep a defibrilator. However, they cost
about £2,000 each, we aren't far from the hospital, and a more secure and central place
would be the Village Hall. She and Mrs Steele will continue to work on it.

The Village Hall notice board still gets damp inside, and it is to be returned. A different model will be chosen.
Mr Harrod reported that the No Smoking signs at the bus stop were continually being
pulled down and the council agreed that more permanent notices should be installed.

A parishioner had queried whether the council was responsible for the dangerous railings at
the Old Maid's Head. Highways were aware of their dangerous state, but it was confirmed
hat the Parish Council itself had responsibility only for the things it owned, and that the
railings were the property of Highways England. Mr Coke, our county councillor is to be
contacted about it.

Residents were concerned that the bank of mud piled up in front of the new houses being
built in Station Rd was sliding into the ditch.

Mr Harrod made it clear that except in urgent cases, the Council wouldn't be able to discuss matters they had not had the chance to investigate beforehand. It led to councillors giving their own opinions as if they were the views of the Council. Informing the Parish Council of matters which concern you.
The Parish Council has to act as a body, which means that individual councillors cannot make promises which haven't been agreed, and a vote needs to be taken about any action that has been considered. It is difficult to hold a long discussion about anything councillors did not expect, and unless an item is on the agenda, other members of the public may not be aware that a concern has been raised.
So, unless a matter is particularly urgent, please inform a councillor or the clerk at least 10 days before a meeting.

The Council noted that the promised chevrons had still not been put up in Gayton Rd. and
that at least one post along the trod was still broken and hadn't been replaced. The clerk is to write to Mr Coke about it.

Mr Melvyn Place was appointed as a new Parish Councillor.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, 11th May, starting with the Parish Assembly at

7.00. Please note the unusual date.

(Official Minutes of Parish Council meetings are available here)

Norfolk County Council: proposed silica sand investigation.

A hearing was held before a government inspector on 15th and 16th March. The decision of the inspector is not yet known.