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East Winch Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting and Council Meeting 10 May 2018.


At the Annual Parish meeting reports were heard from the chairman of the council and the deputy chairman on the activities of the council, of East Winch United Charities, the Village Hall trustees, the Parochial Church Council and the East Winch and West Bilney Community Project.

This was followed by the normal meeting, at which the chairman and deputy were         re-elected.

It was stated that Sibelco expected to apply formally form planning permission to dig Min 41 in the autumn. The council decided to explore the cost of getting a screen, projector and laptop so that planning applications could be considered without the time-consuming passing round of many documents.

The clerk was asked to follow up Cllr Middleton’s offer of some money to mend the railings by the Old Maid’s Head, though he has already emailed him twice. Likewise, Highways Norfolk is to be chased for an estimate for constructing a trod to Ashwicken Rd, for an answer to why the Parish Council was not contacted over the decision not to move the telegraph pole outside Station Terrace, and whether the painting of SLOW signs on Common Rd was actually going to happen.

It was agreed to increase the clerk’s salary, backdated to April.

At the end of the meeting Mr Wright raised the issues of post going astray because Station Terrace houses didn’t have a postcode, and a blocked dyke causing water on the A47. He was asked to bring these matters to the next meeting with clearer information.

The next meeting will take place on Monday, 2nd July at 7.30.



May 2017.
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