Chairman's Page

East Winch Parish Council 2.3.20.

The Parish Council has been depleted by 2 recent resignations. Both former councillors will be much missed, and we are very grateful for the work they have done over the years.
There are now only 4 councillors and the need to co-opt more is urgent.
The Clerk informed the meeting that if there were so few that the meeting wasn’t quorate, the Borough Council could appoint its
own representatives. While this would enable the Council to continue, the appointee might have less understanding of the affairs of this village than local people.

A report was received from The Friends of East Winch and West Bilney. Their fundraising had raised £2500, and a local employer had made an informal but very favourable offer. They were going to continue fundraising locally, but also will apply to big funders such as the Lottery.
Their next event would be a Mind, Body and Soul day on 25th April.

Parishioners had complained that some buses don’t stop at the Old Maid’s Head and that there is no longer a bus stop sign or timetable at the stop on the opposite side of the road. The chair said she’d written to Highways England about the bus stop sign and they had replied saying it was the responsibility of Highways Norfolk. Accordingly, the reply has been forwarded to them.

The clerk had queried a previous communication from Highways Norfolk refusing to put up a 'Slow' sign on Paws Lane, West Bilney. Regrettably, they refused again.

We discussed how to safeguard the telephone box library. The policeman dealing with the complaint had advised a wildlife camera, but it seems there is a law against filming on the highway, and there could be legal difficulties if, for example, a minor was filmed.
A parishioner attending the meeting agreed to check whether a lock would be effective.

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday, 18th May. Annual Parish meeting at 7 and council meeting at 7.30.

Be aware that the likelihood of some forthcoming events taking place is in doubt due to the current Covid-19 epidemic.
Keep an eye on the latest information before committing yourself to attnding a planned event.

Speedwatch training

Training will take place on Saturday 25th April at the church, starting at 9.30. It should take about one and a half hours. Please be punctual, and please be aware that there is no toilet.