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East Winch Parish Council


Minute Number 11/19

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4 November 2019

Attendance - Parish Councillors : Mr K Harrod, Mr M Place, Mr A Yarham, Mr N Velzeboer and

Mr D Wright

Apologies :- Mrs N Steele and Cllr C Manning

In attendance – Mr R Pannell (Clerk) and 3 Parishioners

01 The Vice Chair opened the meeting at 7.30 pm and welcomed all those in attendance.

02 There were no declarations of interest from members present

03 The Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 2 September and

Monday 23 September 2019 were approved as a true record and signed by the Vice Chair.

04 Matters arising from the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 2 September and

Monday 23 September 2019

Defibrillator – Vice Chair reported that delivery of the equipment was still awaited. Training had been given to some 14 RSPCA staff and 6 parishioners. There is concern that the cabinet which houses the defibrillator is being tampered with and the RSPCA management are recommending CCTV to monitor the site. They also need volunteers to do a weekly inspection of the equipment. The Vice Chair will discuss with the VH Trustees and pass a copy of the e-mail from RSPCA to the Clerk. The Clerk agreed to look at the costs of CCTV systems

Village Sports Coordinator and Village Games - Chair to report – hold over to the next meeting

Speed Monitoring Team – the Vice Chair read an update report to Council. Copy attached to Minute Book.

Advertise for candidates to co-opt as Councillors – Clerk reported that there had still been no applications and appealed to the Councillors to be more proactive in securing possible candidates.

Rangers clearance of grill along Station Terrace - 18 September 2019 e-mail stating work had been done There still appears to remain a problem with possible blockage

05 10 Minute Open Forum for Parishioners

06 Reports and information from County and Borough Council

Cllr Colin Manning reported by e-mail that he had received confirmation that the Posts for the TROD had been ordered by Highways and they would fit asap.

07 A47 Developments re speed reduction and crossing improvements – Clerk reported that he had been in communication with Highways England regarding publishing notices of the proposed work.

08 Village Hall

The Vice Chair confirmed his intention to retire from the position of treasurer of the Village Hall Trustees as from March 2020. He asked if councillors could help to find a replacement

09 Playing Field

The Clerk advised Councillors of the e–mail he had received on behalf of the Friends of East Winch and West Bilney requesting a donation. (The e-mail to be circulated to Councillors) After discussion Council agreed to hold a special meeting with the Friends to discuss. Clerk to arrange.

10 Risk Assessment Inspection – For September/October 2019. The Vice Chair advised that all was well but that the salt bins could do with a top up and the light at the post office corner was still not operational. Clerk to follow up.

11 Silica Sand – Nothing to report

12 Planning Matters

The Clerk advised that he had just received notification of an application and he would call a planning meeting shortly. (19/01852/F –Demolition garage and rebuild at Wingland, Station Road)

13 Highway matters

Bus Shelter – Clerk reported that the builder hoped to install the glass window shortly and would then invoice for the work.

Vandalism of telephone kiosk – The kiosk has been vandalized twice within the last two weeks. Council agreed to not replenish things for now but to wait until sometime next year to restock. Meanwhile Clerk to invite the Police Engagement Officer to come to the next Meeting to speak generally about security etc

Costs for path to the post office - Chair to report at next meeting

Broken post on TROD – See report from Borough Concillors

14 Correspondence received since last meeting

Police Community Engagement Officer Drop in Surgeries

NCC Charging Policy re The Carers Charter

Heritage Open Day King’s Lynn 15/9/19

Norfolk Minereals and Waste – Local Plan – Preferred Option Consultation

Invitation to Parish Paths Seminar

Rangers report from last visit

RAF Community Information Event

Audit Completion Papers

Rural Bulletin 8/10, 15/10, 22/10 and 28/10

Paws Lane Slow Sign information – indications that Highways would try and assist with signs and markings

Climate Change information from Cllr. Colin Manning

Rangers Visit December 2019

Came and Co Council Matters

West Norfolk Service Directory

West Norfolk Early Help Bulletin

15 Street lighting matters

A47 Street Lighting – Clerk awaiting an overdue response to his questions from Highways England. Subsequent to the meeting a response was received. In essence there was to be a general inspection of lighting and if 3 or more lights “in a row” were out they would instigate an immediate repair as it became safety critical. Other than that they would be repaired as work was carried out in the area or during their future bulk lamp change programme.

16 Finance

Finances to 31 October 2019 were distributed and agreed by Councillors and signed by the Vice Chair

Approve payments

September/October 2019 Cheques approved and signed

Chq No 100287 – Juliette Banwell (Play Area Grass Cut Oct 19)   £80.00

Chq No 100288 – R Pannell Clerks sal/exp (September 2019)      £269.87

Chq No 100289 – R Pannell Clerks sal/exp (October 2019)          £258.03

Chq No 100290 – PKF Littlejohn LLP External Audit (2018/19)     £336.00


17 Any Other Business

Presentation on Free Home Fire Risk Checks and Smoke Detectors to be arranged. Clerk is awaiting further information.

Japanese Knotweed – nothing to report

Slow sign on Paws Lane – Clerk reported that Highways had responded in a positive manner.

Meeting Dates for 2020 to be agreed. They are

Monday 6 January 2020

Monday 2 March 2020

Monday 11 May 2020 which will also be the Annual Parish Meeting date

Monday 6 July 2020

Monday 7 September 2020

Monday 2 November 2020

and any other agreed dates for planning or special requirement meetings.

18 Date of next meeting – Monday 6 January 2020 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm

There being no other business the Vice Chair thanked all for attendance and closed the meeting at 8.27pm



Clerk to the Council

 Mr R Pannell

21 Baldwin Road

King’s Lynn

01553 775724

Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review

Norfolk County Council is preparing a Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review,

  • ensure that the policies within them remain up-to-date and
  •  to extend the plan period to the end of 2036

See the document on the County Council website here

Preferred Options Consultation.

The preferred option document has been split into several parts.

Download the The part referring to aggregate extraction in West Norfolk:-

Proposed aggregate mineral extraction sites in West Norfolk.

Download the part the part referring to Silica Sand extraction in West Norfolk - MIN40 -

Proposed silica sand extraction sites and areas in West Norfolk

(Note that this refers to the proposed extending of the Grandcourt Quarry towards the village)


You may comment on the proposals here   https://norfolk.jdi-consult.net/localplan/index.php

You can also email your response to LDF@norfolk.gov.uk or write to Planning Services, CES, Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2SG

Any comments that you send will be retained and published on Norfolk County Council's website.

Any comments, using whatever method must be made by 5pm on 30 October 2019.