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Watch out for these fake TV Licensing emails.

We’ve seen a sharp increase in reports about fake TV Licensing emails claiming to offer refunds. The emails state that the refund cannot be processed due to “invalid account details”. The links provided in the emails lead to phishing websites designed to steal personal and financial details.

Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in case it’s a scam. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.

Minute Number 8/18    

                    Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 20 August 2018



Attendance - Parish Councillors :-  Mrs N Steele, Mr K Harrod, Mr M Place, Mr N Velzeboer

                                                         Mr D Wright,                                                                                                                                 

Apologies   Mr A Yarham, Mrs S Davison and Mrs L Papworth 

In attendance :- Clerk Mr R Pannell and 1 parishioners



01  The Chair opened the meeting at 7.30 pm and welcomed all those in attendance.


02  Declarations of Interests

      The Chair reminded Councillors to advise the Clerk if they should need to declare an interest.


03  Planning Applications

      Council discussed and considered the Planning Applications listed below


      Variation of conditions 2, 3, 8 &9 of permission C/2/2004/2034 to amend the timing of phased working   

      and restoration at Grandcourt Quarry.

      Council have no objections to this application.


      Proposed extension to Grandcourt Quarry for the extraction of industrial sand and progressive             

      restoration to nature conservation. C/2/2018/2016

      Council have no comments to make with respect to this application.


      Council wish to record their thanks for being given an extension of time to consider these matters but 

      are concerned that with such a large project the initial 21 days should have been considerably longer in  

      the first instance.


04 Urgent Any Other Business

     Payments. Council approved the following

     Chq No 100240 – Westcotec Street lighting maintenance (Jun/Jul)           £35.16

     Chq No 100241 – Juliette Banwell Play Area grass cutting                       £80.00


05 Date of next meeting Monday 3 September 2018 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm



There being no other business the Chair thanked all for attendance and closed the meeting at 8.25 pm   





Clerk to the Council

Mr R Pannell

 21 Baldwin Road   

 Kings Lynn 

01553 775724    


Neighbourhood Watch is a national scheme set up to do what the title suggests. The scheme helps to bring the community together and to become safer and friendlier to the mutual advantage of all.

‘Safer’ aims to provide advice about how to help prevent crime.

‘Friendlier’ helps to bring communities together, to get to know your neighbours better.

‘Homewatch’ was a Police sponsored and funded organisation dating back to1982. In 2007 it was replaced by a new national body -

Neighbourhood Watch’ and in 2017 it became a Charity.

At East Winch the scheme has been running for several years along part of Gayton Road. It has since expanded and now comprises 3 zones –

Zone 1 - The original Gayton Road area;

Zone 2 extends the original along Gayton Road to the junction with Station Road.

Zone 3 covers part of Town Close.

Each Zone has someone to act as co-ordinator and to be the point of contact for that zone.

We should like to extend the area covered by the scheme to include the remainder of Town Close, Station Road and Wilson Drive. Doing this would cover the great majority of the village. There is no reason not to include other parts of the village – eg Church Lane.

The Police consider that the village is a ‘vulnerable area’ due partly to the number of more elderly residents who are sometimes seen to be easier targets for fraud and scams. Widening the area covered by our scheme would improve security throughout the village.

In order to do this however we need to recruit additional volunteers to co-ordinate things – one for each additional zone.

If you might be interested in the scheme, would like to know more or volunteer to act as co-ordinator for an additional zone please contact Jennifer Lamb - happysoles13@gmail.com

It shouldn’t take up too much of your time and you could get to know your neighbours and introduce them to each other. It is quite surprising how many people barely know their neighbours.

The West Norfolk Administrator is Martin Redhead -

East Winch Co-ordinator is Jennifer Lamb - happysoles13@gmail.com

Neighbourhood Watch - Website is here 

There is a great deal of information available and you, as an individual, can become a member.

Below see more about Neighbourhood Watch with some links to further information.

Neighbourhood Watch – Organisation.

Relationship Explained

As a national charity, we are partly funded by the Home Office and we work with them on national crime issues such as Serious & Organised Crime and cybercrime. They are a vital partner helping us to link national strategy with local action.

Neighbourhood Watch Associations across England and Wales work with their own local authorities to help reduce crime and make their communities safe and pleasant places to live. Neighbourhood Watch volunteers are often involved with Community Safety Partnerships and local government initiatives.

The Mission:-

Bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communitiesIf people are lonely and have little or no social contact with others, they can become much more vulnerable to criminal activity.”


Why Donate to Neighbourhood Watch?

From a National perspective we would love to be able to provide more resources for our members. For these resources we need money as well as time in order to make that happen.

Crimestoppers has launched a national campaign to highlight the issue of organized criminals travelling across County Lines to deal drugs. More information may be found here

Force Area

Neighbourhood Watch is generally associated with the Local Police Force

Force Area Neighbourhood Watch Associations are key in maintaining the impetus of the Neighbourhood Watch movement at local level.

In Norfolk Peter Evans is the Chairman of ‘Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch (NWN)

The Latest NWN Newsletter is here - download it or not as necessary.

Area representatives meet regularly at Dereham and our local co-ordinators are kept up to date with recent developments.  The latest such update is copied below:-

I attended the N/W AGM Thursday the 9th. August.
I was introduced to Martin The West Norfolk Administrator for N/W .
Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators from all parts of the county attended and just for interest we are so fortunate as we don't experience the aggravation they seem to endure.
Norfolk police were In attendance and addressed the meeting. It was interesting to learn that the incidents of " within the four walls of the home" crime plays a large part of the crime load here in Norfolk. e.g Cyber crime, Scams , on line bullying, rape, child abuse, domestic abuse and drugs all of which happens within the home.

A question was raised " Why does N/W get the police updates long, long after the reported crime has happened ? the answer given was " The Chief Inspector will look into this and so long as it doesn't incur a cost will try to improve communication situation.

The Drug problem was addressed with the explanation of the " County Lines" runners and dealers coming from London to the provinces .

On line and Telephone scams too are on the rise with even the most internet savvy amongst us getting caught out. The message passed on from the Police and Trading Standards was please don't open "strange" emails  and text messages. Telephone blockers were given the thumbs up.

Highly praised are the Trading Standards "No Cold Calling Zones" of which we are one.
The reporting of crimes and concerns on 101 were addressed as a new system has been set up making it more efficient.

Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch has a total of £530.00 in the kitty so if anyone would like to buy a bin sticker at £1.50 each ..20p profit goes into the funds and it really would be appreciated .


Financial Position - 30 June 2018

Bank Balances (30 April 2018)


Current Community Account                    


HSBC BMM Account                                 






Receipts (Interest)                         






Payments since last Statement


E-on Energy (Street Light Energy)


Direct Debit May 2018                                  


Direct Debit June 2018                          


Cleaning bus shelter etc.               


NALC subscription                       


Chq Clerks Sal & Exp (April 18)                 


Chq Clerks Sal & Exp (May 18)                  


Westcotec Street Speed sign battery          


Came & Co. Council Insurance             


Westcotec Street Light maintenance        


JB Gardening Services   (Play area grass cutting)                                     


CK Ward Internal Audit Fee               






Balance as at 30 June 2018                


Ledger adjustment                          


(Chq 100228 written as 179.98 banked 179.96)




Adjusted Balance 30 June 2018           




Bank Balances as at 30 June 2018


HSBC Community Account


HSBC BMM Account                              




Clerk to the Council

 Mr R Pannell

21 Baldwin Road   

Kings Lynn 

From Adrian Flux website


East Winch Hall – Our Office

Built in the 19th Century by the Astley family, East Winch Hall is something of a local landmark, and a building that Adrian Flux Insurance Services is proud to call home.

Designed in the style of a colonial tea-planters home, the hall was renovated in 1906 by local businessman William Lancaster JP, who added the imposing gates of a nearby slaughterhouse to the grounds, and was later knighted for building a grammar school in nearby King's Lynn.

One of William's grandchildren was Osbert Lancaster, now Sir Osbert, the famous author and cartoonist. Sir Osbert discussed childhood visits to the hall in his book "All done from memory", recalling terra-cotta masks of Comedy and Tragedy that decorated the plain expanse of yellow brick between the first and second storey. The masks and the yellow brick were lost following a fire around 1960 which necessitated some rebuilding with non-matching bricks so the whole building was later whitewashed to disguise the difference.

Held in trusteeship and frequently renovated and expanded over decades following William Lancaster's death, the hall came into the possession of the Vassalos family in the late 60s, owners of the local Campbell's Soup factory, who used the building for entertaining.

In 1970, East Winch Hall was occupied by the Dredging and Construction Company, which added a three-storey office block to the grounds. The building was then sold to German science company Hoechst to serve as the head office of their agricultural division, and finally came into the hands of Adrian Flux in 2000.

Today the hall is the office for more than 750 employees, working across several brands to provide insurance for a huge range of needs. The hall's grounds are also used as the venue for the annual Flux Ball, attended by staff and friends, and the site of several motor shows and rallies throughout the year.