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Minute Number 7/18

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 2 July 2018


Attendance - Parish Councillors :-  Mrs N Steele, Mr K Harrod, Mr M Place, Mr N Velzeboer

                                                         Mr D Wright, Mrs S Davison and Mrs L Papworth

Apologies   Mr A Yarham

In attendance :- Cllr J Moriarty, Clerk Mr R Pannell and 2 parishioners


01  The Vice-Chair opened the meeting at 7.30 pm and welcomed all those in attendance.


02  Declarations of Interests

      The Vice-Chair reminded Councillors to advise the Clerk if they should need to declare an



03 The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 10 May and Wednesday

     30 June 2018 were approved as a true record and signed by the Vice Chair. The Chair joined the

     meeting at this time and took the chair.


04  Matters arising from the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 10 May and Wednesday

     30 June 2018

     Red Telephone Kiosk and Merits of a defibrillator at the village hall – Clerk reminded

     Councillors of the planned meeting on 1 August 2018 at Pentney when experts would be there to

     do a presentation and answer questions regarding defibrillators in a rural setting. 

     Railing issues at A 47 and Gayton Road junction – The Clerk read out an e-mail from

     Cllr Middleton in which he expressed his disappointment in the time that this was taking to

     resolve and indicated that he was taking action to resolve the problems. A parishioner also

     produced a copy of a letter from Sir Henry Bellingham on the matter.in which he expressed his


     A47 road crossing – Confirmation received that proposal will be made to

     Highways England by the end of April. Still await further details


05 10 Minute Open Forum for Parishioners (Nothing reported)


06 Reports and information from County and Borough Councillors. Nothing to report at this time.


07 Village Hall - No issues were raised


08 Playing Field

     Update on recent investigations - Mrs Papworth reported that The Borough Council had

     confirmed that it was not in a positioned to provide new or replacement equipment and it would

     be up to the village to provide funding. However, any proposed equipment would have to be

     approved by the Borough before purchasing and that they would maintain it.

     Mrs Papworth and Mrs Davison had visited a number of local play areas to assess the type of

     equipment in use. They both felt that improved facilities on the East Winch play area would

     enhance both its use and enjoyment and urged Council to take action. General discussions

     followed from which a number of points of action were agreed. Mrs Papworth and Mrs Davison

     to prepare a “wish list” with costings. Cllr Moriarty agreed to discuss opening up the age range

     with Mr Hussey of the Borough Council and report back. Clerk to contact NALC regarding legal

     and insurance issues. If necessary a one item special meeting could be called before the next full

     meeting of Council to progress the matter.


09 Risk Assessment Inspection – Mr Harrod reported for the May/June 2018 Inspection that the only

     issue requiring action was the replacement of the damaged lamp post. (see under street lights)

10 Silica Sand

     The Vice chair gave an update on the latest position of Sibelco indicating that they were still

     working with the Norfolk County Council regarding MIN 40, that their preferred area of

     exploration was the Pentney, Wormegay and Marham areas and that any movement of sand

     would be piped from the site to the main processing plant

     Regarding the recently issued Consultation Notice on Silica Sand Council felt that there was little

     need to respond as it had already been covered at previous meetings. However, the Chair agreed

     to request access to the document at the Council Offices, and apprise the details before reporting

     back to a special meeting if it was felt necessary.


11 Planning Matters

     18/01045/RM – Reserved Matters application – 2 no proposed two storey dwellings at site

                               East of 3 Burnham Mews, Lynn Road.

    Council discussed this application and make the following comments.

    They basically have no issues with the houses themselves but are concerned about access to the

    site and feel that this should be re-examined.

    They also remain concerned over the protection of the dyke to avoid future flooding in the area.

    Regarding any future development of the site a suitable footpath must be an inclusive part of any

    planning application.

    It was at this time that Council considered the method of displaying relevant planning information

    and agreed that some form of display equipment would help all in attendance to view the

    information in a constructive manner. Mr Harrod presented his recommendations for consideration and the Clerk outlined the financial position regarding funding the recommendation. Council approved the expenditure and Mr Harrod was asked to purchase the equipment.


12 Highway matters

       Broken post on TROD

       Grit box

       Costs for path to the post office

       Council asked the Clerk to make contact with the Highways Engineer, Andrew Wallace, and ask

       him what the latest positon was on the above three items and to ask for an urgent response.

       Post code and street sign for Station Terrace – Clerk to follow up with Mr Copeland on what

       action he had taken to install a road sign at the above Terrace.


13 Correspondence received since last meeting

      Norfolk ALC Newsletters 17/05, 23/05, 7/6 and 21/6

      Police Newsletter (May 2018)

      Growing Communities Project – Master Gardener

      Approval of variation of conditions ref Holt House Quarry, Leziate

      General Data Protection Regulations

      Defibrillator discussions

      Emergency Road Closures Church Close Penteny and diversions

      Emergency Road Closures North Runcton and diversions

      Norwich Western Link Consultations

      Bid Letter Parish Partnerships 2019 – 2020

      Dog Fouling and Litter Survey

      Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan Review (29/6/18 – 13/8/18)

      Temporary Road Closure Notice on East Winch Road

      Community Action Norfolk Jobs Newsletter


14 Street lighting matters

     Replacement of demolished street light – The clerk outline the financial position for Council

     indicating that the cost of some £1761 could be accommodated without causing an unacceptable

     level of concern. 

     Council agreed that the Clerk should proceed with the order for work to be undertaken.

     The Clerk was asked to check on the position regarding insurance cover


15 Finance

     To approve accounts and payments for June 2018

     May/June Cheques

     Chq No 100238 – Clerks Salary / Exp (June 2018)                                                          £277.95

     Authorize Clerk to make direct bank payment to HM Revenue and Customs                 £161.00

     Clerks Tax (April/May/June)


Financial position 30 June 2018 – The clerk presented the figures which were approved by

     Council. They are included with the minutes of this meeting

     Donation request from  Norfolk Accident Rescue Service – details to be circulated by the Clerk

     and discussed at the next meeting.


16 Any Other Business

     Defer presentation on Free Home Fire Risk Checks and Smoke Detectors

     Weeds around Village Sign – Agreed that this could be treated with a suitable weed killer.

     Dog Waste Bin – Agreed that no action be taken at this time because of the current house


     East Winch Trustee from Parish Council – It was suggested that Mr Alan Yarham with his

     experience of farming and local knowledge would be a possible candidate. Mr Harrod to follow



17 Date of next meeting Monday 3 September 2018 at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm

Clerk to the Council

 Mr R Pannell

21 Baldwin Road   

Kings Lynn 

Financial Position - 30 June 2018

Bank Balances (30 April 2018)


Current Community Account                    


HSBC BMM Account                                 






Receipts (Interest)                         






Payments since last Statement


E-on Energy (Street Light Energy)


Direct Debit May 2018                                  


Direct Debit June 2018                          


Cleaning bus shelter etc.               


NALC subscription                       


Chq Clerks Sal & Exp (April 18)                 


Chq Clerks Sal & Exp (May 18)                  


Westcotec Street Speed sign battery          


Came & Co. Council Insurance             


Westcotec Street Light maintenance        


JB Gardening Services   (Play area grass cutting)                                     


CK Ward Internal Audit Fee               






Balance as at 30 June 2018                


Ledger adjustment                          


(Chq 100228 written as 179.98 banked 179.96)




Adjusted Balance 30 June 2018           




Bank Balances as at 30 June 2018


HSBC Community Account


HSBC BMM Account                              




Clerk to the Council

 Mr R Pannell

21 Baldwin Road   

Kings Lynn 

From Adrian Flux website


East Winch Hall – Our Office

Built in the 19th Century by the Astley family, East Winch Hall is something of a local landmark, and a building that Adrian Flux Insurance Services is proud to call home.

Designed in the style of a colonial tea-planters home, the hall was renovated in 1906 by local businessman William Lancaster JP, who added the imposing gates of a nearby slaughterhouse to the grounds, and was later knighted for building a grammar school in nearby King's Lynn.

One of William's grandchildren was Osbert Lancaster, now Sir Osbert, the famous author and cartoonist. Sir Osbert discussed childhood visits to the hall in his book "All done from memory", recalling terra-cotta masks of Comedy and Tragedy that decorated the plain expanse of yellow brick between the first and second storey. The masks and the yellow brick were lost following a fire around 1960 which necessitated some rebuilding with non-matching bricks so the whole building was later whitewashed to disguise the difference.

Held in trusteeship and frequently renovated and expanded over decades following William Lancaster's death, the hall came into the possession of the Vassalos family in the late 60s, owners of the local Campbell's Soup factory, who used the building for entertaining.

In 1970, East Winch Hall was occupied by the Dredging and Construction Company, which added a three-storey office block to the grounds. The building was then sold to German science company Hoechst to serve as the head office of their agricultural division, and finally came into the hands of Adrian Flux in 2000.

Today the hall is the office for more than 750 employees, working across several brands to provide insurance for a huge range of needs. The hall's grounds are also used as the venue for the annual Flux Ball, attended by staff and friends, and the site of several motor shows and rallies throughout the year.