Sheila Bland

Born 23 June 1945.
Died 29 June 2017.


Sheila Ann Bland was born on 23rd June 1945 at Upper House, Weasenham St Peter, she was always known to her family as Flossy.

The family moved around quite a bit due to their dad having to find work. When they lived in Docking Val climbed up a water tank and fell in so Sheila ran to get their dad.

Every day Sheila and Val would walk from Rougham to Weasenham to school and went to Sunday school together, money was so tight that they had to have cardboard in their shoes as insoles.

Sheila was a daddy’s little girl and use to follow him everywhere and along with her brother they would help their dad deliver wood in the surrounding villages, at the end of the day their treat would be a large Mars bar from Greenways garage in Fakenham.

When Sheila and her brother Chris would get home from school they weren’t allowed to do anything until they walked across the field to collect goats milk for their baby sister Christine.

Sheila worked at Fakenham laundry for a few months as her mum got her a job at Sculthorpe Air Base where she biked every day and earned around £3.00 a week.

She also worked for her father on the land until she then met the father of her 2 boys.  The marriage wasn’t looking too good so her mum managed to get them moved to Plumtree Caravan Park at Marham to see if they could make a fresh start.  Unfortunately this wasn’t to be and one day whilst Sheila had taken one of her poorly sons to the doctors, there sat Roger in the waiting room where he winked at her twice and she didn’t know where to put her face, but did give him a little smile.  From that day onwards they kept bumping into each other as that was where Roger was living.

Roger was employed by her father where they worked together and spent lots of time together. Sheila then decided to live with Roger; during that time they had 3 daughters together. It was when they had their 3rd daughter in 1975 they moved to East Winch where they brought all their children up together. Whilst the children were at school Sheila was employed by local farmers Mr Wilson and Mr Hepher and was employed to do various jobs on the land.

They lived together for 24 years before deciding to get married in 1993.  They have been together for 49 years now.

They had many family holidays together along the Scarborough/Whitby coast.  Once the children had all grown up they bought a static caravan at Mablethorpe where they spent most weekends.

Roger has also taken Sheila on a number of occasions to various places for days out and holidays, but only mentioning a few were 2 holidays to Australia, Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight and they went to Paris only last year for a surprise wedding anniversary trip. Whilst in the Isle of Man Sheila and Roger had finished their meal and were leaving the restaurant, Sheila stopped to chat and shook hands with this man; Roger then asked “who was that?” Sheila’s reply was “that was Norman Wisdom with his daughter!”

One of Sheila’s day trips was to visit behind the scenes of Coronation Street which was one of her favourite programmes, she thoroughly enjoyed her day.

Roger has lots of lovely memories of their life together but the one that stands out the most it when they went to Whitby they bought fish and chips and Sheila was tucking into hers when a seagull decided to cut the moment short….!!

Sheila was a very strong and brave lady no matter what life threw at her, always saying that she was “always alright” and putting others first, through good and bad times she always managed to keep that lovely smile. 

Sheila was taken far too soon and will be sadly missed by all that loved her, she was a very loving and caring wife, a wonderful daughter, mother, sister, nan and great nan, she was loved very much. 



A poem for our sister Sheila

with loving memories

from your heartbroken brother and sister


God saw you getting tired

When cure was not to be

So he wrapped his arms around you

And whispered “come to me”

You didn’t deserve what you went through

So he gave you rest,

God’s garden must be beautiful

He only takes the best


And when I saw you sleeping

So peacefully and free from pain,

I could not wish you back

To suffer that again.