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Like most churches, the Church of England has decided that there will be no public worship, Bible Studies, or any event which brings people together, for the foreseeable future.


Church Services during Holy Week may be seen here

Holy Week events

Holy Week takes place before
Easter Day, and is a time when Christians reflect on the great sacrifice of Jesus, our Saviour. The events taking place are in churches, but are not standard church services.

On Tuesday, 7th April, 6.30. at North Runcton, we’re going to read poetry bringing us closer toJesus and his suffering. People can write their own poems, just meditate, or use their artistic skills. Nell will put up some visual prompts too.

On Thursday, 9th April, 6.30. at West Winch, Revd. Heather will lead a service of foot washing and Holy Communion, commemorating the Last Supper according to St John, when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.

Because of Coronavirus, please bring your own towel if you would like to have your feet washed.

Again as a precaution, only communion wafers will bedistributed, not wine.

On Good Friday, 2pm at North Runcton, Revd. Heather will lead ‘A day they call Good’, a reflective service of Bible readings, meditations, hymns and silence.

An Easter Garden service will take place at Middleton this year,on Good Friday. This will be at some time in the morning - yet to be decided

the totally fun
Easter Egg Hunt will take place - outdoors in the churchyard if possible - at East Winch church on Saturday, 11th April at 10.30.

The church doesn’t have a toilet, and only a cold water outdoor tap to wash hands

Alpha Course in the Benefice of Middlewinch

Meetings are going to take place at North Runcton Village Hall Meeting Place on Wednesdays at 6.30, starting on 6th May 2020

It’s a great way for teens and adults to learn more about Christianity, and is suitable for anyone who is interested in the faith, whether they’re regular church attenders, people who are thinking of going, or people who’d just like to make up their own minds.
Community Hall on Wednesdays at 6.30, starting on 6th May.

After a meal, we watch a video and then break into groups to discuss the topics raised by the film.
The experience of most people is that it’s relaxed, friendly and stimulating. There is no charge, though of course donations wouldn’t be refused!

Dates are: 6th, 13th and 20th May and 3rd, 17th and 24th June. At the end of the course, there’s a Holy Spirit day: the date is not yet fixed, but may be Saturday 4th July.

If you’re interested, but can’t make all the dates, don’t worry: just come when you can.

Contacts for Registrations:
1. The Rev’d Riaz  (01553 - 841519; Mob. 07366 436 849);

2. The Rev’d Heather Berry (01553- 764098); Email:

3. Nell Steele (Reader) (01553-840814); Email:

Anyone who has registered will be contacted if plans need to be changed because of coronavirus.