Church News

Confirmation Service at East Winch - 21 October at 11.15

The service of confirmation, followed by Holy Communion, will be on 21st October at 11.15. We are expecting a lot of people, and the carpark next to the church should be reserved for people who have small children or who are elderly.

Fortunately, Peter Burman has kindly agreed to open his yard for parking. It is on the same side of the A47 as the church, but further towards the middle of the village, between some cottages and the former farmhouse. We’d be grateful if as many people as possible would park there.

East Winch Arrangements for

Remembrance Sunday

As we think that we should celebrate this important date in the church, we are swapping the services in November so that on 11th November we will be in church and on the 25th November in the Village Hall. The Remembrance service will also start at 10.45 instead of 10.30, so that we can observe the minute’s silence near the beginning of the service.


August 2018.
Some work has been carried out on the church wall. Roger Bland has cut down much of the vegetation - bushes and trees, that were growing from the top of the wall between the inner and outer walls.

The Adopt a Brick fund for the wall is still ongoing.
Contributions to wards the cost of restoration will be gratefully received.


The peacocks are making themselves unpopular by roosting in the church porch, and accordingly the main entrance to the church is covered in poo, though we do clear it up when we can.
So apologies for the mess, and if anyone has some bright ideas how to keep them away, please tell Nell, or Wendy Smith, or Shaun Dale.


Sound system installed in the church.

Following several funerals last summer when it was difficult to hear the speakers, members of East Winch United Charities got their heads together and decided to pay for the installation of a sound system in the church.

The system was installed and tried out at the beginning of March 2018.

Church members are absolutely delighted with the result. Thank you so much!


Church is open on Saturdays during British Summer Time, from 10am - 4pm.

'Adopt a Brick' - September update

Funds are looking healthier now. A local donor has given us £1,000, to use as we like, and it will have to go to mend the wall. The Duke of Norfolk has sent £250, and so, with the Adopt a Brick appeal, we now have over £1,450. So that’s cheering, but it looks as if the majority of the funds will have to come from local sources, as the big funders aren’t interested in walls.


MAY 2017:

Lead stolen from the Church roof.

The lead was stolen from the north and south aisle roofs during the night of 11th-12th May 2017.
The north aisle has been completely stripped and the south aisle has been stripped for about one third of its length.

A gallery of photographs of the damage may be seen here   Step through the images and click on any image to zoom in.

.It seems from the marks on the grass that the thieves came in across the fields. And the next day would be the one when it rained for the first time in weeks!

It looks as if other projects will have to be put on hold till this is sorted out."

To provide protection from the weather the aisle roofs have been temporarily covered with a waterproof membrane.

Ironically, the PCC were working with the diocese to get a comprehensive alarm system fixed when it happened.

This page will be updated with any further information that becomes available.



All Saints has received the 5-yearly architect's report.

The glass in the windows is in dreadful condition, and there are other urgent things too.

The most pressing need being the wall along the A47. Now that David and Brian have finished their great work of clearing the plant growth away, its full horror is revealed.

To go towards the thousands needed to mend it, we are running an

'Adopt a Brick' scheme.

You pay £1 and a brick is named after you! I can't promise that we'll be able to point to Fred's  brick or Myrtle's lump of carrstone, but as you drive by, you can tell yourself, "I own a bit of that wall!"

Contact Nell 840814, Janet 840510 or Wendy, 842281.

On Thursday, 30th March, Bishop Jonathan (he's the one who sings loudly and has made a CD of himself singing pop songs) is visiting this benefice.

Rev. Riaz has arranged a Community Hour at 4pm at West Winch village hall, with local people from all walks of life coming to talk about what they do. Do join them!

A similar COMMUNITY HOUR will be arranged for each of the parishes in the Benefice. East Winch will have it's turn in the autumn.

Church Opening hours

During the the winter the church is not routinely open to visitors - apart of course for services. However, it may be opened on request to those wishing to visit.
If you would like to go in, please phone Wendy (842281), Janet (840510) or Colin (841208).

If you have any views about when the church is open or not, please let Nell know. (840814).

Details of forthcoming Church services may be seen here