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Church is open on Saturdays during British Summer Time, from 10am - 4pm.

MAY 2017:

Lead stolen from the Church roof.

The lead was stolen from the north and south aisle roofs during the night of 11th-12th May 2017.
The north aisle has been completely stripped and the south aisle has been stripped for about one third of its length.

A gallery of photographs of the damage may be seen here   Step through the images and click on any image to zoom in.

.It seems from the marks on the grass that the thieves came in across the fields. And the next day would be the one when it rained for the first time in weeks!

It looks as if other projects will have to be put on hold till this is sorted out."

To provide protection from the weather the aisle roofs have been temporarily covered with a waterproof membrane.

Ironically, the PCC were working with the diocese to get a comprehensive alarm system fixed when it happened.

This page will be updated with any further information that becomes available.


Adopt a Brick update. The plan has raised £160 to date, and lots of people have contributed. Especially lovely are the contributions that come in from children, because although it's the parents or grandparents who actually donate, the fact that the children's names will be recorded acknowledges that the church is for the future as well as the past.



All Saints has received the 5-yearly architect's report.

The glass in the windows is in dreadful condition, and there are other urgent things too.

The most pressing need being the wall along the A47. Now that David and Brian have finished their great work of clearing the plant growth away, its full horror is revealed.

To go towards the thousands needed to mend it, we are running an

'Adopt a Brick' scheme.

You pay £1 and a brick is named after you! I can't promise that we'll be able to point to Fred's  brick or Myrtle's lump of carrstone, but as you drive by, you can tell yourself, "I own a bit of that wall!"

Contact Nell 840814, Janet 840510 or Wendy, 842281.

On Thursday, 30th March, Bishop Jonathan (he's the one who sings loudly and has made a CD of himself singing pop songs) is visiting this benefice.

Rev. Riaz has arranged a Community Hour at 4pm at West Winch village hall, with local people from all walks of life coming to talk about what they do. Do join them!

A similar COMMUNITY HOUR will be arranged for each of the parishes in the Benefice. East Winch will have it's turn in the autumn.

January 2017 NEWS

It's all about the Christmas services! The Christingle on Christmas Eve was such fun with

lots of parents and children, and unexpected additions to the service, including a mouse

song. The collection was sent to the Children's Society. Thanks to all who made it such a


The carol service at Bilney was notable for marking the beginning of Betty's 80th

birthday celebrations, which, I believe, lasted for 3 days! The Velzeboers and Coxs had

filled the church with beauty, and John played his battery-operated keyboard as if his life

depended on it!

Church Opening hours

During the the winter the church is not routinely open to visitors - apart of course for services. However, it may be opened on request to those wishing to visit.
If you would like to go in, please phone Wendy (842281), Janet (840510) or Colin (841208).

If you have any views about when the church is open or not, please let Nell know. (840814).

Details of forthcoming Church services may be seen here

All Saints - Gift Day - 2016
raised a total of £855 for church funds.
Grateful thanks are offered to all contributors.
Donations towards church funds may still be made - Gift Day envelopes may be deposited at the Post Office or at any church service.

A Study Afternoon to

‘Search Your Church’

On a warm Saturday afternoon in July, some 12 or 15 people gathered at the church hoping to learn more about the church. Julian Litten FSA led the party around the church pointing out things that many people had never noticed, from the roof above to the ledger stones beneath, from the south porch to the mausoleum on the north side, from the west window to the east window.
(Some notes prepared by Dr. Litten for this study may be seen/downloaded
click here - this will take you to a new page; - scroll down the page and  see the pdf file at the foot. The notes are published with the kind permission of Dr. Litten.)

All Saints’ News  - June 2016

First of all, Noah’s Ark Flower Festival. This was a fun event! The arrangers produced an astonishing variety of interpretations of the story, and, thanks to the generosity of Peter Denison, we had a glorious array of flowers. It is hard to choose from among so many, but my favourites included a couple of cheeky caterpillars munching foliage low down in a tucked away corner and, high up, an ark teetering on a pillar of flowers. People were amazed by Wendy’s wonderful array of homemade animals filing into the ark, and by the RSPCA’s glorious rainbow.

Bob and Julie Bones (aka The Baroness and the Bear) and friends performed an excellent but informal concert, to which, sadly, very few people came. And we’d loved to have had more children too. Still, the weekend raised over £300 for the church in a totally enjoyable way.

Many thanks to all supporters – grass mowers, providers of flower arrangements, cooks and the churchsitting volunteers. You all contributed to something special.

Secondly, historians will like the talk by Dr Julian Litten taking place on Saturday, 9th July at 2pm, and in August, a display of the Howards and East Winch in church.There is no charge for either event.

Church news - APRIL 2016

For those of you wondering what on earth happened to the minute hand on one of the clock faces, it fell off in a high wind during a Sunday service in February and came to rest on the north aisle roof, from where it was rescued by our hero of the moment David Franklin. It has now been taken to the clock mender, Mr. Michlmayr, and when he has straightened the hand, he'll abseil down the tower to replace it.

The hand on the eastern face of the clock has now been replaced - see the photograph which shows Mr. Michlmayr abseiling down the tower to complete the operation.

Selling the bric-a-brac advertised in the previous magazine has brought us into contact with new friends, including Gina, the editor of the Voice magazine! There are still some stoneware jars, the trunk and wicket posts available!

A box of ten wooden pipes has been in the tower sideboard for as long as I can remember. I took them to the music department at Springwood, where they were identified as fifes, played sideways like flutes. They were made by Hawkes and Son, which became Boosey and Hawkes in 1930, so they are older than that.

One has a paper wrapped round it with the name "A.J. Franklin, Station Road". Does anyone know anything about this person?

Our cafe service in the Village Hall went well, and we hope that next time more people will come. It's designed for families, but on our first attempt, we found that people who were unable to attend church because of age and disability came and enjoyed themselves. We are intending to continue these services on the second Sunday of every month. Many thanks to Sophie and Lee who donated carpets for the children to play on.