Church Events

Friday, 22nd December at 3pm

This lovely children’s service, very popular last year, will be in the church on Friday, 22nd December at 3pm. Everyone gets an orange, symbolising the world, with a candle stuck in the top (the light of Jesus) and a red ribbon round it (the blood of Jesus holding us all in his love). The money collected goes to the Children’s Society

Christmas Fair.

The event made a record £483.45 for church funds.

This was the best ever! Mind you, there were panics over Father Christmas. Our usual stalwart suddenly heard that the NHS was to operate on him the day before the fair, and attempts to find a replacement (qualification for the job a jolly round face) failed miserably until Alan Yarham stepped in. Whew! Only, as the fair opened, in came Santa, very upset, because his beard was missing! An emergency rush home produced a roll of cotton wool, but meanwhile, I’d remembered that Katie had a second suit, and she came immediately to the rescue with a wonderful curly beard.

What was particularly special was the number of stalls run by East Winch people. You never would have thought there was so much talent! Knitted mice, owls and hedgehogs, wooden windmills and bird houses, sweets done up to look completely irresistible and more - there was so much variety! Well done everyone.

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